Boux Avenue Boca Raton Bikini: Reviewed and Altered

Hi everyone!

Welcome to part 3 of my quest for the perfect bikini! Today’s entry is the Boux Avenue Boca Raton Stripe Bikini, a classic nautical bikini top with some serious push-up power. I’ve previously reviewed Boux Avenue’s South Pacific bikini and Miss Mandalay’s Boudoir Beach bikini. So far (with a few alterations I’ll talk about) this is by far my favorite of the bikinis!

The size range of this top is 30-34 B-E and 36 B-DD. I’ve ordered it in 30E and matched it with an ASOS hipster bottom in a US 2. Boux Avenue is currently having a major sale (all bikinis are half off), so it’s a great time to buy!

Boux Avenue Boca Raton Bikini stripe

So all of the close up pictures of the top are pre-alterations, this is exactly as it comes. Like an idiot, I forgot to remove the size tab in the corner. But anyways, I was drawn to this style by its classic, nautical look. I really do appreciate that the underwires are hidden (especially since they’re not in my IMF). This style contains graduated push-up padding similar to something you’d buy at Victoria’s Secret. So as you’d expect, its a fairly shallow top, and it fits a bit small. The quality of the top (as I’ve mentioned in a previous review) is nicer than what I used to buy at VS, and frankly its pretty astounding for the price range.

Boux Avenue Boca Raton Bikini stripe angle

So, you may be wondering: why are you trying to wear a shallow, push up bikini that’s the opposite of your shape? The truth is, in my swimwear I expect the ample cleavage that I’ve gotten over the years wearing ill-fitting tops. To me, its not a good bikini unless it gets me free piña coladas and leaves as much boob out as possible to tan. Most full-bust bikinis are designed to control the bust, not enhance it, so we’ve got a bit of a conflict there. So no, this is not a good technical fit, but I like it anyways. I definitely have some quad boob and the wires don’t come near my IMF, but I’m closer to the look I want. Its all about trade-offs. The underwires here are more curved, stronger, and narrower than the ones VS uses in their swimwear.

Boux Avenue Boca Raton Bikini stripe

The wires here are moderately wide, but not unbearably so. The cups are 5.25 inches (13.4 cm) wide and 8.25 inches (21 cm) deep. So I think fairly standard for a moulded cup. The cups are very shallow at the bottom (because they’re filled with push-up padding) but the apex is reasonable projected. I do wish that the cups on this were shorter at the strap, because this is just a lot of coverage on the sides.

Boux Avenue Boca Raton Bikini stripe back

And here we have the dreaded bra-like bikini back. Words can’t explain how much I hate tops that look like bras. I can’t deal. At all. So I knew as soon as I tried this one one (and mostly liked it) that I needed to figure out how to alter this top into a halter top. The band on this runs about a size tight, and mine stretches to 28 inches (71 cm). I’ll undoubtedly alter it shorter at some point, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


See, how much better does this suit look as a halter top! Yay for no more awkward bra-kini! 😀 On a fun side-note, when you convert a standard top to a halter top, it tilts the cups towards the center. This means that the top now has more space for my center projection, so I’ve got less quadding than I did before. Seriously, I’m in love with how the suit looks altered. It’s so perfect! 🙂


Look how much better the quad-boob situation has become! I’ve still got some bubbling, but it’s much improved.   As far as the bottoms go, I love who low cut Asos’s hipster bottoms are. I do wish that they had tie-sides for added adjustability since I’ve gained some weight. Asos’s sizes run very small, so be aware that they’re not standard US sizes when you order. These are a size 2, but they fit more like a 0/00. Their swim section is filled with amazing bargains though if you order the correct size.


Pretty standard here, but I promise I have less quad-butt in real life!


So you can see that I haven’t removed the old strap loops from the band of the bikini. I wanted to make sure that I liked the alteration before making it hard to reverse. The entire alteration process I did here is completely reversible, so there’s no need to be scared of ruining a suit! To turn this suit from a bra style to a halter top, I picked out the seam where the strap was sewn together beneath the adjuster.


You see where the three pieces end? That’s where the seam ends. I used a seam ripper to pull out the stitches, but if you don’t have one you could also use small scissors or a knife. Once I picked out the seam, I simply pulled the straps out of the loops at the bottom of the suit and put the adjusters in a sage place. It’s that easy! 🙂

Have any of you altered swimsuits? How were your results?

You can buy the Boca Raton top here!