5 Winter Wardrobe Refresh Picks from Anthropologie for a Full DD+ Chest

Winter Wardrobe Refresh Picks from Anthropologie

Right about now I start to get a little bit bored with my closet. I’ve worn the same handful of winter sweaters, tops, and dresses for 3 months, and according to Mr. Groundhog, I’ve got at least 6 more weeks to go with them. So even though I don’t really need anything, I still like to pop into stores to look for little closet refresh pieces or eye the bright colors of the spring clothes to come.

This week I decided to head to Anthropologie for a marathon try-on to see what worked with my full bust. My inspiration was this bright orange dress I spotted on their website. It looked like it might be perfect for a DD+ chest and the orange and turquoise colors seem super fresh.


And … here’s the dress on. Such a bummer! The faux-wrap didn’t cross far enough to provide enough coverage for the chest, I’m sad to report, especially because I really loved the colors and style of this dress in person.

Even though this gorgeous dress didn’t work, I went on to try 37 more Anthro options and came up with 5 pieces I’d love to add to my closet. Now if they could just go on sale….

1. SPRING FOR FLORAL JEANS, Citizens of Humanity Floral “Thompson” jeans ($185)

I first heard about the return of floral pants on an Access Hollywood segment (Yes, I watch this ridiculous show!). They were on runways everywhere for the Spring 2012 shows and Jessica Alba’s already shown how amazing they can look:


Now, I really don’t remember hardly any of my clothes from my youth, and let’s be honest — it’s better that way. But when I saw these pants, I was immediately haunted by an early 90s flashback of nerdy me in my favorite pair of white floral stretch jeans from 5-7-9 (does anyone else remember the awesomeness of that store??). I loved those jeans!

Even though I was a little hesitant to revisit the awkwardness of my pre-teen fashion choices when I saw these Citizens at Anthro, what can I say? My curiosity won out.

I LOVED these! Frankly, I’ve gotten a little bored with denim lately, and now I remember why my old floral pants were so beloved. I like having an interesting print on the bottom and I agree with Darlene from Hourglassy’s observation that it’s fun to highlight something besides your chest. Unfortunately I could not find one single shirt at Anthropologie to pair with these that fit well, so you’ll have to ignore that horrible asymmetrical white T.

I’d pair with this easy Perfect Fit V-Neck from J Crew (I have it in an Extra Small and love it, $22.50) and maybe this bright and kicky pink Schoolboy Blazer from J Crew ($175):


Throw on some cute wedges or kitten heels and voila, instant spring closet infusion.

2. A LITTLE LACE TOP, Ella Moss Lacy Longsleeved Tee ($68) 

I loved this simple take on this season’s lace trend. The lace material is stretchy but not scratchy and comes in off-white, yellow, red, and dark gray. (Online, only the yellow and red are still available.) This is an easy top to give your wardrobe a quick little mid-season update.

I’m wearing this in a Medium with Anthro’s black reversible seamless tank ($24), the perfect layering tank for covering thicker bra straps (I have the tank in white, gray, and black and have worn them a bazillion times, so I’ve found them to be well-worth the price).

3. THE PERFECT DATE DRESS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY, Maple “Unequivocal” Dress ($188)

An asymmetrical peplum waist, a pretty V-neck with ruching under the bust: what’s not to love in this gorgeous dress? My bust definitely looks a little more va-va-voom than I usually wear, but with the thick straps, the knee-length of the dress, and the 40s peplum waist, I felt more pin-up than center fold.

The cutout back is a little tricky for regular bras, so you could either try some double-sided tape or a strapless bra. I am wearing a size 6.

(I can’t find this dress on the website for some reason, but I’ll update with a link as soon as it’s available.)

4. A PERFECT MAXI DRESS, Winterbloom Maxi Dress ($398)

While this dress is a total budget-buster, I’ll be stalking it til it goes on sale. This is perfect for a winter getaway trip now and lovely come warmer weather in a few months. A long, wooly gray cardigan could make this work right now.

The top portion is a bit too long and the straps would need to be taken up about 2″ to keep this from hitting too low on the cleavage.

I like how this dress has a little mesh panel in the V-neck that hides some of the cleavage, too:

5. SOMETHING A LITTLE SHEER, Ruffled Tulle Boatneck top ($68) 

Pair this cute little top with some red jeans and you’re good to go. Instant winter wardrobe infusion.

I’m wearing a small, paired with the black reversible seamless tank ($24) I mentioned before (see? I told you it works with everything!).


Sometimes I feel super restricted when it comes to style. Us DD+ girls can’t just wear whatever we want to trend-wise (see: this winter’s ubiquitous short sweaters). But most of the time I can’t help but at least TRY. Anthro had a handful of 40s looking jumpsuits that just called to me, and … well, what could I do but answer??

This silk wide-legged one was too funky not to try on:

And you know what? Even though the gray layering top isn’t the most flattering I’ve ever tried, somehow this still works. Maybe it’s that whole drawing-the-eyes down thing again, but I didn’t feel like this needed to accentuate this and minimize that.

Unfortunately, the back is so open you could never wear the jumpsuit on its own, and at $298 that just doesn’t work for me.

But the exercise was worth it, because at least I was reminded that it’s always worth it to experiment with trends and who knows? Maybe you’ll surprise yourself.

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