A.J. Rumina Fit Report: Polo Shirt and T-Shirt Reviewed!

Polo Shirt

{I’m super happy to bring you another guest post by fellow full-buster and nursing bra pro Patricia, who wrote the fabulous series on Nursing Bras for the Already Well-Endowed Mama! Here she takes a look at two A.J. Rumina tops. Enjoy! XO, Sarah}

In a nod to my status as a Navy wife, I hereby present a Fit[ness] Report (or Fit Rep, as the military calls it) on a couple of tops by AJ Rumina.

I am always on the lookout for tops that fit well, as they are such a rarity for our kind – those with a larger cup and a small/average everything else. So, I was excited to give AJ Rumina’s tops a try. I selected two models – the polo shirt (pink, $19.99 on clearance!) and the t-shirt (yellow, $24.99). Both looked cute and promising in the photos on the website, and the prices were very reasonable.

polo shirat

I also appreciate that the company is a small business, started by three women who saw a need for clothing to fit those of us with bigger busts and were motivated by the desire to help others through philanthropy and community service.

The sizing also seemed straightforward, thanks to AJ Rumina’s size chart.

According to the chart, with my measurements of Bust: 36, Waist: 26 (Bra: 32F), I would fit nicely in a Small F/G (Bust: 36-37.5, Waist: 29.5). I don’t like tight-fitting clothing, so I was happy that I wouldn’t be on the small end of the size, it seemed.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case when the tops actually arrived. Much to my dismay, the tops were much tighter than I feel comfortable in. I have always been a big believer in avoiding clothes that are even a smidge too tight, as I think they make even the most slender and toned among us look much bigger than they are. (See, e.g., muffin top syndrome.)

First, the Polo Shirt:

polo shirt


  • I liked the overall design of this shirt.
  • I definitely appreciate a higher (but not too high) neckline like this one.
  • The length was ideal.
  • The fabric was pretty comfortable.


  • The main problem was the body of the shirt was much too tight for my liking, to the point that the fabric gaped a bit at the chest and back.
  • The fabric was also a bit thin – as you can see, my belly button was visible in the front, and slightly reminiscent of a moon crater. Sure, I want to look out of this world, but this is not exactly what I have in mind…

Anyway, with the thin fabric and tight fit combined, I felt quite exposed in this top, to the point that I was tempted not to post the photos here, though I ultimately decided it was for the greater good to do so, to help others understand the fit on me.

I also wasn’t crazy about the shade of pink in person, so I decided to just return the shirt rather than try a different size. (Luckily, AJ Rumina has a generous return policy – if you’re not happy with their clothing, you can refund or exchange it within thirty days, so long as it’s unworn with labels intact.)

Next, the T-Shirt:

solid polo t-shirt

Sadly, I had the same fit problems with the T-Shirt, though I had high hopes for it based on the photos on the website.


  • Again, I really liked the overall design of the shirt. A longer sleeve like this one, just about to the elbow on me at 5’2’’, is nice, as it really de-emphasizes the bust and flatters the upper arm. (I usually avoid cap and other short and formfitting sleeves, because I think they draw the eye to the fullest part of the bust, while also increasing the risk of the dreaded fat-arm.)
  • As with the polo, the length was good.
  • I also really liked the color, which was very vibrant and saturated.
  • The material was thicker than that of the polo, which I generally prefer.


  • As you can see in the photo, though, it was just way too tight in the body. As in the polo, this tightness led to gaping both in the back and chest – not a good look! And also, just too much emphasis of my, ah, topography, in general.


In an effort to find a better size that might work, I consulted one of the owners, Rebecca, who was extremely nice and helpful. She suggested I go up a size, to the Medium F/G. She sent it in blue. (This color was also very nice and rich.) Alas, the fit was still not right for me. It was still uncomfortably tight in the body, but now the shoulders, torso and arms were too long. According to the size chart, the Medium F/G should fit measurements Bust: 40-41.5 and Waist: 30-33.5, but I found it to be nearly skintight on my 36 bust and 26 waist – nearly as tight as the Small F/G. In fact, it was even hard to wriggle over my chest!

So, with much dismay and many shipping costs on both sides, I decided that these tops and I are simply not meant for each other. Thanks to the return policy, I ended up returning all the shirts for a refund. I don’t know how the fit would be for someone else – maybe it’s just my shape that’s incompatible with the cut of these tops – but my sense is that the size chart is probably off, at least in the Small and Medium F/G range for the shirts I tried.

Fit report, over and out.

{Although the T-shirt and polo shirt sadly didn’t work for Patricia, I want to also shine a light on two tops that have worked pretty well for other DD+ bloggers: Darlene at Hourglassy reviews here the AJ Rumina Dress Shirt, and June at Braless in Brazil reviews here the AJ Rumina Rolled Sleeve Dress Shirt. For another review of the T-shirt, June takes a look at that here.}



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