Anna Pardal Milk and Honey: Practically Perfect

Anna Pardal Milk and Honey: Practically Perfect

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Today I’m going to be reviewing Milk and Honey, a gorgeous and intricately detailed light beige bra. This bra is from last years collection, but it’s still available in the discount section of AP’s website. Don’t say I never gave you anything :p Anyways, I got Milk and Honey in a 28FF with reduced cups. It (surprisingly) is a perfect fit! I would advise sizing up in the band and keeping your same cup size if you’re interested in buying from AP (i.e. 26FF becomes 28FF).

Look at those details! For a beige, T-shirt bra Milk and Honey goes above and beyond. It has white and pink embroidery in starburst patterns and an oversized bow and rhinestone charm on the gore. Tbh, I’m not really sure about that bow, and I may remove it. It’s so on my belly! This bra would work best as a nude for pale, pink toned skin, but it’s still a gorgeous bra for me. Milk and Honey fits me absolutely perfectly! It’s a great contender in the eternal search for the perfect beige T-shirt bra (see: Ewa Michalak CH Karmelki, Comexim Basic, Freya Deco)

The cups on Milk and Honey are wonderfully narrow and projected. The cups are 4.7 inches (11.9 cm) wide and 8.5 inches (21.59 cm) deep. They work with my increasingly ornery breasts and don’t experience any folding over, creasing, or IMF flight. So a win in my book! I’d definitely be interested in trying more from AP. The wires on Milk and Honey are firmer than the ones Comexim uses. To me, that’s where I see the main quality difference between the two brands. If you have larger, heavier breasts and Comexim’s wires don’t work for you it is worth trying Anna Pardal.


The reduced cup height works out perfectly for me. At the moment, I’m enjoying lower coverage bras, and this one definitely delivers in that department. Cleavage is admirable for a bra with no cookies. The gore is 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) high and is very narrow at the top. This is another area in which Anna Pardal works slightly better for me than Comexim. The straps here are slightly in my armpits, but it shouldn’t be an issue for most people. I have the double whammy combination of being high set and very narrow framed.

Side profile here is very projected, and less round than some of my bras. It is very, very, uplifted. I do feel slightly like my boobs are nearing chin level in this one. The wires are ever so slightly wide for me, but it’s not a big thing. The fit is definitely one of the better ones for me.

The band here is nice and tight at 27 inches (68 cm). Definitely size up in the band, because the fabric is quite firm here. I appreciate that the band has equal tension throughout, not a tighter elastic. This will reduce the appearance of back fat! Always a nice benefit :)!

So a bra this light will never completely hide itself against my yellowish, tan skin, but this one isn’t bad. The embroidery does show slightly through the shirt, but only when it’s pulled tight as I have it in the picture.

Side profile is projected and fairly natural. Sorry for the awkwardness in general with the fit of this shirt. I should probably get a shirt that fits my boobs without pulling the armpit into them. But anyways, there aren’t any noticeable lumps and bumps from the side.

Overall: I’m incredibly impressed with my first AP experience and would love to try more of her styles! I would particularly recommend upgrading to Anna Pardal if you’ve been having difficulty with Comexim’s strength of construction. This bra is notably sturdier and harder working than my Comexim’s (as it should be for the extra money). Milk and Honey is a great basic option that I’m thrilled to have join my bra-drobe. It would be an optimal nude for pale, pink-undertoned skin, but it’s gorgeous in it’s own right! Ahh 🙂 Love finding new winners!

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