The Full-Busted Guide to New York: Best Bra Fitter, Everyday Bras

The Full-Busted Guide to New York

If you’ve ever watched What Not to Wear or Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, you’ve probably seen one of the several specialty bra shops in New York that provide expert fittings. Over the last several years, I’ve visited them all: Town Shop, Bra Smyth, Intimacy, Ripplu, Bra Tenders. But one shop always stays atop my list as the go-to Everyday Bra shop for a few reasons:

Linda’s Bra Salon. Why?

1) Tons of pretty bras to choose from. Although I wear my simple Fantasie Molded Balcony Bra a lot, that doesn’t mean I only want to try on utilitarian bras. Whereas other stores stress function over pretty, Linda’s bra fitters do a fabulous job of making you feel like you have a huge selection of somewhat normal-looking bras to choose from. Something lacy, or bright and cheery, even something with skinny straps: I always find it at Linda’s. A search on her site for a 32G returns 133 results. Now that’s a lot of pretty to look through!

2) Depth of stock. Linda’s carries over 50 brands, from a 28AA to a 50M. Yes, a 50M! And it’s not just regular bras. Linda’s found me two of my favorite sports bras (which I’ll cover in a later post), my Fantasie strapless, and carries a good selection of nursing bras and other special needs bras (such as surgical bras).

3) Overall shopping experience. Something about shopping for a full-busted bra often means traipising through stores that feel worn, dusty, and ancient. Although Linda’s is tight quarters and can often get way too crowded (go at off-hours if you can, or call ahead to see if you can schedule an appointment), I’d rather have a crisp, modern store to go to any day. And the fitters here are on par with the city’s best, always making sure I have the absolute best fitting bra.

Linda’s Bra Salon

828 Lexington Ave between E. 63rd and E. 64ths Streets

New York, NY 10021


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