Bosom Galore Classique: A Beautiful Disaster

Bosom Galore Classique: A Beautiful Disaster

Bosom Galore Classique

So today, I’m going to review a bra that broke my heart into a million pieces (and then stomped on them. The Bosom Galore (now Katherine Hamilton Intimates) Classique in red, size 26FF. I wanted this bra to work for me so badly, but unfortunately it doesn’t at all. It is agonizingly beautiful though, and is still 50% off on the old Bosom Galore website.

So onto the review ;,(

Man, this is a gorgeous bra! I love the silk (REAL SILK!!!) and lace combination. Red and black are paired perfectly, and the bra looks expensive (even more in real life, I promise). For the sale price I got it for, I definitely got a bargain. From this angle, you can’t even tell how much of a traitor Classique is. You can however see the very high gore. At 3 inches (7.62 cm) tall, it’s the tallest I’ve encountered in the size range. The wires do not touch at the top, and the gore is fairly wide towards the band. I would not recommend Classique to close set ladies.

The cups on Classique are taller than those of Ewa Michalak’s half cups, but the top of the cup is a lace edging that strikes me as very tall root friendly. It doesn’t gape on me, but it has no stitching to dig into upper fullness either. From this angle, the worst of my issues with Classique are still hiding. If you look closely, you can see wrinkling at the bottom of the cup from lack of projection. The cups are about 5 inches (12.7 cm) wide and 8.75 inches (22.2 cm) deep when the bra is at rest. The cups are single seamed, and the seam is close to the center gore. This provides admirable room and support for center fullness in an overall shallow style. A note for short or high set ladies: the straps on Classique are less than half-adjustable because of their silk covering. This means that they are too long for me, but they do look pretty.

So onto the cringe-worthy fit pictures. Warning: may inspire random fits of bravangelism.


Immediately post scoop and swoop

So from this picture, all is still fairly well. Classique is giving a bit of a square shape and the wires are clearly wider than my narrow breast roots, but it’s workable. The wires look like they’re distorting, but I’m wearing this with a long, ghetto extender that makes the band on the larger side for me. They are very flexible wires (think Freya). They are slightly out of my IMF, but the bottom of this bra is so damn shallow that I can’t tug it any higher.


Creeping downward

So here you see that the square shape is intensified and my breasts are even more clearly fighting against the cup. I believe a part of my issue is that the cups are single seamed and thus lose the shape battle against my relatively firm and fiesty girls. There is no seam to gather and lift the outside of my breast tissue, so it just hangs out. The cups are also nowhere near projected enough for me at the bottom and so my breasts are seeking the promise land of the apex of the cup.


15 mins after putting on the bra

So obviously this is pretty unwearable for me. I think it would work better for someone with either wider roots or overall shallower breasts than I have. If your breasts only have center fullness and are not too close set, this style could work for you. There are side support panels inside of the cups, but I don’t find that they do much.

I bet you thought we were done finding fit issues, but no! There’s more. Remember how earlier I mentioned a ghetto extender?


So clearly the band on this bra is tiny. SISTER SIZE UP IN THE BAND!!! It stretches out to a maximum of 23.5 inches (59.7 cm) if I pull with all of my might. I believe it is less stretchy in the 26 band than it would be in a larger band size, because the majority of the band is made up of unstretchy silk as opposed to power mesh. As a woman with a 24 inch ribcage, I don’t own any extenders, because I honestly thought I’d never need them. So here is my best effort with a couple of hairties. The extender makes the bra feel loose, but the wires are still distorting by pulling wide (I did try to bend them back).

Overall, this bra is a heartbreaker for me. I would recommend it to shallow to averagely projected ladies who are comfortable with a wide, tall gore. Size up in the band if you’re a 30 band or under. This bra is compatible with tall roots and center fullness, but does not have much immediate projection.

:,( Now I need more Polish goodies to make the pain go away! I’m still interested in trying Katherine Hamilton Intimates designs when they come out, because hopefully the new bespoke wires and designs work better with my shape.

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