Claudette Dessous: Summer Party Girl

Claudette Dessous


Claudette is a brand I’ve been meaning to try for forever, and the encore sale gave me the perfect excuse. I love their signature bright and sheer aesthetic and I need more ocean colored lingerie in my life. So, I bought the Dessous in Neon Turquoise in 30DD and Seafoam/Khaki in 28E. Both are absolutely gorgeous in person and are perfect summer bras for when the very idea of padding makes me sweat. Anyways, on to the details. (Please note that the pictures are even more NSFW than usual because of the sheerness)


Seafoam/Khaki in 28E

I was really worried about how stretchy the bands would be on this, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. Both the Neon Turquoise and the Seafoam/Khaki run true to size (and honestly a bit tight). Seafoam/Khaki in 28E stretches to 27.5 inches (69.9 cm) and Neon Turquoise stretches to 29 inches (73.7cm). Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture the cups also run a bit small. Depth in the 28E was only 7.7 inches (19.6cm) in comparison to 9 inches (22.9cm) on my 28E Freya Arabella. This was obviously a problem for me.


Neon Turquoise in 30DD

Interestingly enough, Dessous in Neon turquoise is significantly roomier in the cups. It has 8 inches (20.3cm) of depth. The wires on both are quite narrow, which I love. The mesh is stretchy, so it can accommodate for a fair amount of projection.  This might have been a good fit for me one size up. My cups are folding down a bit at the bottom, but I don’t know if they would do that in a larger size.

As you can see there’s some pretty significant quadboob and spillage going on. The elastic on the edges of the cups cuts in, but I’m definitely more full on bottom so it’s less bad on me than it would be on someone with more upper fullness. I would not recommend Dessous at all for someone full on top. The gore on this also doesn’t tack.

As you can see, these cups fit better than the 28E, but there’s still some quadboob action going on. Neon Turquoise definitely runs more true to size than Seafoam Khaki. The gore on this does tack, but it’s a bit of a soft tack. I think this bra would fit a variety of shapes as it’s quite stretchy and accommodating. The wires again are quite narrow. Straps are also very thin (which I love.) I would recommend Dessous for anyone without a lot of upper fullness looking for a fun, lightweight summer bra. Generally, you’ll probably want to size up in the cups (although I don’t know if that would apply for shallower people). I really wish I had ordered a bigger size 🙁


Very sad smushed boobies 🙁


Slightly happier but still smushed

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