Claudette Neon Dessous Bra and Panty Set GIVEAWAY!!

Claudette Neon Dessous Bra

I think one of you lovely readers needs some neon green in her life…some Claudette Dessous neon green that is! Together with the amazing team over at Claudette Lingerie I’m super thrilled to be part of their month-long Dessous launch and help give away one of these gorgeous green sets this week!

Dessous Green

Buh-bye, boring grandma bras! Claudette just blows me away with their collections. Cool mesh in a range of bright colors, like turquoise, violet, and orange? How could you *not* feel amazing all day knowing you’re wearing this under your clothes?


Something I really love about the Claudette ethos (besides their jaw-dropping design!) is how gung-ho they are about fit and the needs of our market. I’ve been yammering on a lot about 28 and 30 bands here recently, and Claudette has been on top of this from the start: they’re one of the only American lingerie brands I know of to launch with a 30 band that includes full-bust sizes D-G (up to a 38 band). And, as I’ve mentioned before, they’re anxious to fit even more of us into their gorgeous pieces: they’ll be adding 28 band sizes for Spring 2013, even though they’re only a year old, with talk of expanding cup sizes to a K, too.

claudette dessous

A company like Claudette makes me so hopeful. Women fit in a huge range of sizes, from AA to KK+ cups and 26 (and even 24!)-52 size bands. But when you still have sales assistants telling women who wear 28 backs to look for them in the kids’ section or Victoria’s Secret trying to fit all women into a DD or smaller cup, it seems like we have a long way to go in the US toward overcoming fit misinformation and helping women get into the right size bra so their breasts get the support they need. When people in the full-bust lingerie industry hold these views, too, it can feel like nothing will ever change!

That’s why we started the Bra Band Project: we wanted to do something to help overcome ingrained, preconceived notions about bra sizes, and to help women who have a hard time finding a bra that fits discover a larger range of sizes that might solve their bra woes. (Not sure what size you wear, have trouble finding a bra that fits, or feel uncomfortable in your bras? Go here.) But we also need bra companies who make these sizes, like Claudette!

claudette uk bra

The commitment to good fit Claudette has shown so far (unlike, say, other US lingerie companies, *cough* Playtex, Victoria’s Secret *cough cough*) sends a positive message to the industry and women alike: they’re here to help women of all shapes and sizes get proper support in the right size and still wear lingerie that’s beautiful.

Being fit in the right size changed everything about my relationship with my body and my chest. It’s why I’m so passionate about helping others find good fit and helping advocate for a wider range of sizes in the full-busted market through this blog, and why I appreciate a company like Claudette. So…in order to enter the contest, I want you all to help spread the braspel of good fit!


  1. To qualify, you must like Claudette on Facebook!
  2. Tell me about the first time you were fit in a great fitting bra and how it changed you and your relationship with your breasts. You can put it in the comments, or, if you’re a bit shy, you can also email me your story at info at This doesn’t have to be a long essay! You can just give me the highlights and keep it simple (of course, if you want to write more, you can! :)
  3. Send me your story by Thursday at 9pm Central time
  4. I’ll announce the winner Friday!
  5. You must be a US resident (sorry all my lovely readers from elsewhere around the globe!)
  6. The exact set the winner receives is based on product availability

PS: You can find Claudette at online retailers including Bare Necessities, Faire Frou Frou, and Butterfly Collection and soon to come on Figleaves.

Good luck! Xx


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