Cleo Lily Balconette Bra: Basketball Shape Beauty

Cleo Lily Balconette Bra: Basketball Shape Beauty

Cleo Lily

I ordered the Cleo Lily in a 28F in the Navy/Parrot print. While the print and color combination are polarizing, I personally absolutely love them. Literal animal prints like this are my jam (even though I have a strong hatred for animal patterns). The material of the bra is a firm, unstretchy mesh. It is quite lightweight, but very strong. This is another great summer bra. The Lily is discontinued, but it is still fairly widely available online. It was replaced by the Cleo Erin.

The fit I get from Lily is not quite perfect. The cups are a little tall and wide at the tops for me. The straps are too wideset for my petite frame. The gore is just barely narrow enough, and I’d prefer it a bit shorter and narrower. The apex of the cups is also higher than my natural apex. There is not gaping there, but it’s definitely a sign that this bra is made for breasts more even in fullness  than mine. I experience slight gaping in the top section with the ribbon. This partially comes from the stiff fabric used in this bra. The cups of Lily do close off quite a bit, so I would not recommend this bra to someone very full on top or with tall roots.

Cleo Lily could use a bit more immediate projection to best fit me. I’ve heard that it gets more of this in larger cup sizes, but in a 28F I get wires pushing down out of my IMF. The cups are quite projected for the size range, but that projection is located higher up on the cup. The wires fit me pretty much perfectly. The cups are 4.8 inches (12.2 cm) wide and 8.9 inches (22.6 cm) deep. The issues I experience with wideness in the cups are from the straps being too wideset not from the wires being too wide.


The glorious Cleo half basketball shape

So of course, here is the Lily’s money shot. Lily creates a fantastic rounded profile that is extremely flattering under clothing. I honestly have no idea how Cleo can do this in an unlined bra. My full on bottom boobs haven’t looked this round since my Victoria’s Secret days. It’s quite refreshing.


Nice tight band

The Lily has a wonderful, tight band. Mine stretches to 26.5 inches (67.31 cm), which is perfect for all of us ladies who need a sub 28 band. That being said, if you’re a true 28 band you should sister size up. I love the coral/pink details being carried to the back. It adds a touch of fun to an otherwise utilitarian ballet back.

Overall: I love the shape and tight band of Lily but struggle with the wideset straps and firm fabric. This bra would be best for projected ladies with narrow roots and even fullness.

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