Comexim Basic: The T-shirt bra

Comexim Basic: The T-shirt bra


I ordered the Comexim Basic in 55J with lowered cups, straps moved in, and a reduced gore. It’s a part of my (never ending) quest for the perfect T-shirt bra to blend under the mountains of cheap white shirts I own. Yes, I could buy better shirts, but why do that when you can instead spend money on better bras? Overall I do really like the Basic and it’s a much better fit than Ginger. This model is said to run a bit small in the band and cup, but I found that the band was true to size.

So as you can see, Basic is nowhere near a nude on me. The color is a lovely cool beige that is a bit stone colored. This bra gives lovely lift, and is occasionally on the verge of quadboob. The cups on Basic are shallower at the bottom than the cups on Geisha, Mystic, or Vivien. This means that the bra can feel a bit constricting and deco-esque. Why do beige bras always have to be shallower??? The height of the cups is fine after the reduction, but the basic overall is one of Comexim’s taller models. If you don’t like full coverage, you may wish to ask for more than the standard cup reduction. I would say that this model does run around half a cup size small.

Overall I think that the design of the basic is very well thought out (especially for a bra named Basic). The lace edging at the top is a nice detail and there is a pearl in the middle of the center bow. This lace edging on the cups does make them more closed on top than other Comexim models. Aesthetically, I don’t like the wrinkly satin material all over the bra. Basic is definitely not too large for me, but it has got wrinkles all over. The cups on this one come out to 9 inches (22.9 cm) deep and 4.9 inches (12.4 cm) wide. The gore is 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) tall and is on the verge of being too wide for me.

You can really see how much shallower basic is at the bottom in the side view. It gives a more minimized silhouette than some of the other Comexim bras I have. My armpits are only slightly harassed by this bra after having the straps moved in. Optimally, I would want them further inward, but I’m not sure if that would make the cup fit crazily.


A true-to-size 26 band in action

This bra is perfectly true to size in the band. A note though, it’s the shorter and stretchier type. The band unstretched is only 20.6 inches (52.3 cm) and it stretches to exactly 26 inches (66 cm). The elastic on this band is tighter than the fabric in between, so it is less comfortable than some of the less stretchy bands I have. I do think that this particular band design could easily create rolls. For me, it’s just less comfortable than a longer but less stretchy band like the one on Gossard Phoebe. This is just a minor quibble though.

This is the Basic underneath a thin white V-neck. It hides itself fairly well, but I would prefer to have a color that blends in more with my tan skin. The Basic is practically white against me. The seams and bow do show a bit in this shirt (because I’m pulling it tight), but it’s not the worst I’ve had.

Under a shirt the basic gives a lovely shape! As you can see, with the shirt less tight, there’s not much bra show through. Overall, this is definitely the best T-shirt bra I’ve found. If you’re projected and in the market for one, check out the Comexim Basic. I would order up a cup size and get a cup reduction on this style unless you have very tall, full roots.

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