Comexim Geisha: One for the Ages

Comexim Geisha: One for the Ages

Comexim Geisha is one of those classic Polish bras that looks way better in person than online. It’s a gorgeous grey and pink floral lace with black contrasting accents and a perky bow. I’m in love with the elegant, sexy lace and the overall grey/black tones. I absolutely adore the styling of Geisha. I think it’s one of Comexim’s strongest designs. I received Comexim Geisha in 55HH with reduced cups, lowered gore, and straps moved in, but I will also include some photos from my attempt at a 55J in the same style.


So in the actual bra, there is gorgeous contrast seaming on the cups that doesn’t show up in the stock photo. I absolutely love that touch! I feel like it makes the design overall more modern. This bra isn’t a perfect fit on me, I think I’m in between a 55HH and a 55J. The cup on my left side (in the photo) is collapsing a bit and won’t stay in my IMF. Overall, my breasts are pretty projected for this style, which becomes notedly shallower between 55J and 55HH. Curse you scaling!

So here you can see that problem child left breast sitting awkwardly in its cup. The cups are too shallow at the bottom for me, so they get pushed out of my IMF on that side. At the moment, my breasts are very very firm, so they’re even more of problem children than normal.

I have to say, I love the placement of Comexim’s moved in straps! I’m now able to wear the bra with no armpit interference. I would recommend requesting straps moved in to most petite and narrower framed women. I also appreciate having a lower gore and cups reduced to have a less full coverage look. The reduced gore is 2.25 inches (5.72 cm) tall. Comexim’s major advantage over every other bra company is their willingness to make alterations to their products to better serve their customers. If you don’t know what you need, the owner Anna is a fabulous resource and can come up with bra solutions for you that you’d never thought of!

So you can see in the side profile that these cups are narrow wired and fairly shallow near the wire. They become more projected at the apex. The cups on Geisha in 55HH are 4.7 inches (11.9 cm) wide and 8.5 inches (21.6 cm) deep. The overall cup in this size is slightly smaller and shallower than I prefer, but in the next size up it was too large.


Big difference for a single cup size! Geisha in my optimal size still eludes me, but I absolutely recommend taking a stab at this design. It’s gorgeous and luxurious in a   way that a $40 bra has no business being! Geisha is a classic plunge style from Comexim that works wonderfully for ladies with softer tissue,  projected women, and projected and full on top women. The apex of the cup is fairly high and the wires are narrow. The gore is high for a plunge, and this style is worth trying even if you never can fit plunges.


The band on Geisha runs ever so slightly tight. It stretches to 25 inches (63.5 cm). This is typical for Comexim styles that have lace that continues around the back. The Geisha I was sent has a 2×4 fastener, which I absolutely love. This will extend the life of the bra, and I would love to see it become standard on their bras.

Overall, I absolutely adore the design of the Geisha and would recommend it to women who fit well into Comexim’s other plunges. If you’ve never tried a Comexim plunge, do it! It’s a lovely, customizable design that works well for a variety of narrow rooted breast shapes.

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