Comexim Ginger: The Valley Girl

Comexim Ginger: The Valley Girl

Why is Ginger a valley girl? Because she’s beautiful but shallow. An unfortunate (and unusual) flaw for a Comexim bra. This particular bra was also reviewed by the lovely Kerniss from a Brog with a Dog. It has reduced cups, reduced gore, the straps moved in, and 3 rows of hooks on the back.


Pre scoop and swoop

Ginger is a completely different cut than most Comexim plunges. It’s wider and much shallower with a lower gore. The cups are also lower than typical Comexim. You may not need a cup reduction in this one. To me, it feels more “victoria’s secret” than Polish.  Comexim Vivien in 60HH (with the same alterations) has cups that are 0.6 inch deeper. Ginger definitely runs small. You can 1000% tell this when I scoop and swoop.

Look at those squished titties. Reminds me of my 32D VS bombshell days. If Ginger wasn’t so gorgeous, I’d be mad at her. I just love what a beautiful beige she is. She blends under any T-shirt but still looks elegant and special. And as always, I love the bows.

As you can see, the cups on Ginger are pretty wide. They’re sort of up in my armpit and they do get irritating. If Comexim is normally too narrow and projected for you, Ginger is probably your best bet. The quality is still lovely and the value is amazing. Also, you can really see the quad from this angle. It isn’t visible under a shirt, so I’m still planning to keep Ginger.

The profile here is a bit different than a typical Comexim. The apex is a bit lower, but the shape overall is still lovely and round. And you can see the lace used is quite elegant and high quality. Rose lace can look cheap, but the materials on ginger complement each other very well.

So the last thing to talk about is the band. I actually love the back of this bra. Frequently full bust bras are just utilitarian on the back, and I love how the lace here continues all the way. This does cause the band to run a bit tight. I know I have it on a bit loose in the picture, I’m recovering from the chiropractor. It does fit me firmly when I fasten it on the tightest hooks. I found the band to stretch to 27 inches, so if you’re on the upper end of a size you may wish to size up.

So anyways, Ginger is a beautiful addition to my bradrobe, but I hope that Comexim sticks to its normal plunge shape in the future (or puts some sort of warning on the shallower styles)

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