Comexim Mystic Plunge Longline Bra: Sexy, Modern, Chic

Comexim Mystic Plunge Longline Bra

So this is the first of my blog posts to start without a stock photo as the bra I’m reviewing is a completely custom job. Okay, I’ll include the photo of what I started with, in case any of you can’t live without it 😛


Comexim Mystic Half-cup: the base of my lovely plunge longline

So I saw the pattern on the Mystic and knew I absolutely had to have it. It’s black and white, classy, and is reminiscent of the Luna that still evades me (seriously if anyone around my size has one I will buy it in a heartbeat). Of course, being me, I wanted to change basically everything about it. The bra in the picture is Comexim’s half cup style, which is a bit wider and shallower than their plunges. I knew this wouldn’t be for me, so I asked to have it made in a plunge. I clarified that I wanted a cup width of under 5 inches.  Since I’ve been craving a longline for basically forever, I also asked for them to do that. I ordered in 55HH (approx 26FF) without any other alterations (because I’d already added enough for poor Comexim). They charge 20PLN extra to make a bra into a longline and it can be done with any of their bras (pro tip: the word for longline in polish is longline).


My beautiful longline

I’m absolutely in love with everything about how this turned out! The black and white abstract pattern looks amazing, and the lace at the top helps it to match with my gazillion pairs of black panties (yes, I’m still too cheap to buy a matching set). I love how Comexim’s longlines are actually long and create a slender look.


Interior structure of Mystic Longline

So as you can see here, the inside is seamed to keep the structure. There is no boning, which makes it much more comfortable to wear around casually. That being said, this band runs VERY tight. My 55 only stretches to 24.5 inches (62.23 cm). I believe this is a result of having black fabric (which tends to shrink a bit when dyed). It is also tapered, so if you are apple shaped or have a less tapered ribcage than I do, you may wish to ask Comexim before hand if they will sew it differently for you. I do not find that the longline rolls up, but it can get bunchy.

The large amount of stretch lace on the tops of these cups would make this style perfect for someone with upper fullness or a tall root. It does however, still follow the curve of my full on bottom breasts. When they made this particular bra into a plunge, the biggest alteration was the extension of the lace and the narrower wire width. The gore on this one is standard height. If I ordered this same bra again I might have it reduced, but it causes no fit issues. The gore tacks at the top, but you may be able to see a slight bubble in the fabric further down between the cups. This was noted to be an issue with the Joy Longline as well. For me, it doesn’t compromise support.

The large amount of stretch lace on this bra does mean that it gives a pointier, more natural shape. You can also tell from this angle how very projected these cups are. On someone with more upper fullness to push out the lace this would be a more rounded shape. The cups on this are slightly in my armpit, so I probably should have asked to have the straps moved in. They’re still fairly comfortable the way they are though.  so I would say that the only people who would need them moved in are the extremely petite crowd. For reference, my frame with is 9.5 inches (24.13 cm).

So the back of the longline is fairly basic power mesh. Notably, there are only 2 columns of hooks. This will reduce the life of the bra, so you may wish to request 3 columns. There are 6 hooks per column which equals A LOT of fastening. With this band being so snug on me, it’s a bit difficult to fasten up.

Ugh I love this bra so much. Now I wish I ordered all the longlines, ever. Comexim makes such beautiful, high-quality products at such a great price. I can’t believe I didn’t discover them sooner!

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