Comexim Pioson Ivy Longline: Forest Nymph

Comexim Pioson Ivy Longline: Forest Nymph

Comexim Pioson Ivy

So today I’m going to review a longline version of Comexim’s Pioson Ivy in 55HH. Yes, it is really spelled like that, and I’ll probably revert back to Poison Ivy at some point by accident during the review. Anyways, I’ve been in love with the design of Pioson Ivy for a long time, so I was thrilled when Anna gave me the opportunity to try the style in a longline. Any of Comexim’s styles can be ordered as a longline for an extra 20 zloty (around $5). When I see Pioson Ivy, I absolutely think sexy forest nymph. Green is such an under-utilized color in lingerie, and I love the color of blushy-beige satin it’s paired with. The design looks expensive and luxurious, but is actually fairly affordable at around $35 ($40 for a longline). Anyways, on to the fun part!

So, here is the longline version of Pioson Ivy. Man do I love longlines! When I was picturing this bra in my head (because there are no stock photos of it), I expected that the lace would extend further down the front of the bra in the longline. The way it’s designed, the longline is very similar in look to the bra, but with an extended band. The band does not have boning, and this one is cut fairly straight to accommodate a variety of torso shapes. It has a thick elastic around the bottom of the band to keep the whole thing in place. I’ve previously reviewed Mystic in a longline if you’re interested in seeing other examples from Comexim. This bra has had its straps moved in and its cups reduced to accommodate my short roots and narrow frame.

So unfortunately, Pioson Ivy is not the perfect fit for me that Mystic was. The center gore is too wide for me at the bottom and this causes the lower gore and inner cup wires not to tack. The very top of the gore soft tacks. Because the wires are floating in the center, my tissue tends to fall out of the cups a bit. It is a gorgeous style though, and I may try it in bra form, because I believe that the non-longline Pioson Ivy has a narrower center gore. This is something to be aware of if you’re annoyingly close set like I am. The cups overall are also a bit too small and shallow for me, particularly in the bottom of the cup. These are overall still projected cups for the size range. I think I would need half a cup up in this bra. The cups are 4.8 inches (12.2 cm) wide and 8.4 inches (21.34 cm) deep. Pioson Ivy is .5 inch (1.3 cm) less deep than Mystic plunge in the same size. I think I may overall be in between 55HH and 55J in Comexim, so I would stick to your normal cup size if you do choose to order this one. The top of this design does close off, so I wouldn’t recommend this one (and definitely not with reduced cups) if you’re full on top or have tall roots.

As is typical for Comexim, the shape it gives is round and uplifted. You can see the wires floating a bit in this photo, and you can also see the minimized appearance this cup is giving me for whatever reason (maybe because of it being shallower?).

So here is my favorite part of the bra! JK, but I am actually really excited that this longline has three columns of hooks and eyes. That is the one area in which Pioson Ivy can definitely beat Mystic! It does however run a bit large in the band. This particular bra stretches to 27 inches (68.6 cm). The fabric on the band is incredibly soft and comfortable.

Overall, I don’t think this style and I are fully compatible. I would recommend that close set ladies take extra care when selecting a longline option as the gores seem to be wider than the gores of Comexim’s standard plunges. I do absolutely love the look of this bra, but I think it’s going to have to find a better home! What do you all think of the Pioson Ivy Longline design?

** Disclaimer: this bra was gifted to me by Comexim for review purposes. All opinions are my own**

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