Comexim Vivien Plunge Bra: My One True Love

Comexim Vivien Plunge Bra
Comexim Vivien

Comexim Vivien is perfect in every single way. I adore her so much. Vivien is by far my best fitting bra and the instigator of my Comexim addiction. The Vivien I have is a 60HH with reduced cups, straps moved in, a lowered gore, and three rows of hooks in the back. It, like the Ginger I reviewed earlier, came from the lovely Kerniss from a Brog with a Dog. Please note that if you are truly the 28G that this bra is supposed to fit, you should definitely size up in the cup. I would say it fits more like a 28FF.



As you can see, Vivien fits my narrow and projected breasts perfectly. She is also amazingly comfortable. Comexim uses a light foam cut and sew pattern that is light enough to wear in the summer, but also works well to create a smooth look under clothes. I don’t have any issues with seams showing under T-shirts. Vivien is basically the only bra I own that doesn’t abuse my armpits. As you can see, the straps being moved in makes her lovely for a petite frame. Ahhh… breathing room 🙂 The cups are quite projected, but shallower at the bottom to create uplift. The apex is rather high.  I wouldn’t think this would work for my full on bottom shape, but Comexim is magic and it’s amazing.

As you can see, the profile is more of a lifted, natural shape on me. If you’ve been following my other reviews, you know that generally my boobs are nowhere near this high, so I’m quite a fan. The side profile would be more rounded on someone full on top or even. As you can see, Vivien with a 3 hook close has quite wide wings. I’m sort of on the fence about this because they do show under tank tops and at my size I don’t need the support of them. For larger-busted ladies though I’d say it’s a must! They do provide smoothing on my sides and make it easier to scoop and swoop all of my tissue in. I’m hoping they help with tissue migration.

The cup reduction on this Vivien is part of what makes it perfect. In my opinion, this alteration is best if you’re looking for the depth of a larger size in the width/other dimensions of a size down. I’ve heard that a majority of women in 28 (60) bands do want the reduction as Comexim cups can run tall. If you have tall roots or are full on top, I would avoid getting too much of a reduction. Someone with more upper fullness than I have could easily get cutting in or quadboob in this.


The back of Vivien is very soft and supportive. The band is quite stretchy and slightly sheer in nice light. I would prefer a 26 (55) band in this particular style. I’m wearing it looser in the picture because of the back issues I had at the time, but I typically prefer it on the tightest hook. If you’re naughty like me and wear the bra more than one day in a row it will stretch considerably.  I would size down in the band if you’re on the smaller edge of a size.

I love the pattern and bows on the Vivien. I’m a huge fan of purple and this is the first purple bra I’ve managed to get my hands on (I know, I’m late to the party). I don’t always love floral, but this one strikes the perfect balance between sophisticated and fun. I’m in love with it. If I could get away with walking around in just Vivien, I would. She and I are soulmates. I can’t wait to give Comexim ALL MY MONEY! 🙂

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