Comexim Yoko: Siren of the Seas

Comexim Yoko: Siren of the Seas

Man this is a gorgeous mermaid bra! Yoko is a single seamed half cup from Comexim. I figured it was time to shake it up a little bit and move beyond the Plunge sections! I see so few reviews of the half cups out there that I knew I needed some first hand experimentation. For science of course :p The pattern for this particular half cup is identical to that of Comexim plunges, but is missing the top section. This creates incredible cleavage, low coverage, and fairly narrow wires. Needless to say, I’m a fan! I received the Yoko in 55HH.

I love the sea-shell esque embroidery on these cups! It’s in a gorgeous bright blue and green that is very difficult to capture in photos. Living on an island, I’m all about my ocean colors. I feel like a sexy mermaid in this! I would say that this particular cut of half-cup is comparable to Ewa Michalak’s CH/CHP cut. The main differences between the two are that Yoko has one seam instead of two, its straps are closer set, and it doesn’t have removable cookies. The center gore on Yoko is of similar height (2.25 inches) and narrowness to an Ewa CH/CHP cut and the cups are fairly open at the top.


So truthfully, the Yoko is ever so slightly small on me, and I would say that this style of half-cup in general runs small. 55HH should convert to 26G in UK sizing, but it’s clearly on the smaller side for my 26FF boobs. You may want to try a size up in the cups from your general Comexim size if you’d prefer a looser fit.  I’m not quite getting quadding (there’s no cutting in) but I’m definitely bubbling over the cups a bit on my larger side. The gore does tack completely. Interestingly enough, I seem to be getting more of a plunge effect in this half-cup that I get in their plunges (Vivien, Ginger, Basic, Mystic). It’s definitely impressive cleavage for a bra that’s made of thin foam with no cookies. The cups are also incredibly comfortable, a rare feat for a bra that gives good cleavage, but a common feature of Comexim.

The cups on Yoko are nice and narrow at 4.6 inches (11.4 cm) wide and 8.2 inches (20.8 cm) deep. They follow my IMF perfectly at the sides, and I love the relatively soft wires that Comexim uses. The cups are intended to be very low coverage, so expect that the cup depth number will be smaller than you’re used to in your size. From the side, you can see that the shape is a bit squared off, and the cups do crease a tiny bit at the bottom near the sides. They are incredibly comfortable though, and they don’t slide out of my IMF. I believe that these slight issues comes from having a single seam cup construction. Comexim does also make a double seamed half-cup (Reviewed by the Photog’s Brog), but the wires in it are wider.

The band on Yoko fits perfectly! It’s a basic black mesh band with a ballet back, fully adjustable straps, and a 2×3 fastener. The band is on the tighter side of true to size, and stretches to 25.5 inches (64.77 cm). This is absolutely perfect for me, and for whatever reason it’s one of the comfiest bands I own.

I would recommend Yoko (and the other single seamed Comexim Halfcups) to narrow rooted ladies looking for a lower coverage, cleavagey option. If Comexim plunges fit you, this is likely to fit as well as the seaming is identical (just missing the top piece). This is a lovely alternative to an EM CH/CHP cut, especially as it retails for around $10 cheaper.

** Disclaimer: Yoko was gifted to me by Comexim for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own. **

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