Dolman Sleeves: A Good Fit For a Big Bust

A Good Fit For a Big Bust

I’ve been gravitating toward tops like this Comptoir des Cotonniers dolman sleeve for the last year: softly draping fabric that is loose around the bust, with a more tightly fitted waist. I look for tops with a scoop or V-necks and just a bit of extra fabric instead of the big batwing style. Sometimes these tops even have the effect of minimizing my full bust, like the Comptoir top!

I’ve also experimented with other variations on the style, finding the one thing a top like this needs on a full bust is some sort of structure to pull it all in, like the empire waist on the $20 dolman top from Nordstrom Rack. has more examples here, including deep V-necks and ruching and wrap styles. My strategy? Find the streamlined styles with scoop or V-necks and try them all on — I almost always find something!

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