Dreams and Underthings Vralette: Fall Perfection

Dreams and Underthings fall bralette

Hi everyone! I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since my last post. I’m drowning in a pile of economic models and business plans after returning to university. I’ve missed you all (and blogging) terribly, and I’m hoping to keep on a regular schedule from this point. I’ve got a bunch of reviews coming up for: Curvy Kate, Tutti Rouge, Sonata Rapalyte, Thistle and Spire, and Freya.

Today I’m reviewing Dreams and Underthings midline bralette. Dreams and Underthings is run by a close friend of mine, Laura from the blog Dreams and Underthings. She makes affordable, custom bralettes in bra sizes for a wide size range. This is my second bralette from her (to see the first check out my birthday post), and I’m incredibly impressed with how she’s developed her construction and style over the past year. Laura designed the color palette for this bralette, and I’m absolutely in love with it! So perfectly fall <3 <3 My bralette was made in a 26G, and it’s the midline model with lace (costs $30).


Dreams and Underthings bralettes are absolutely perfect for sweater season! Under cozy knits, I want equally cozy underthings, and her midline bralettes do a great job of providing light support and coverage. This bralette got me through my midterms ya’ll! I mentioned this earlier, but I’m ridiculously in love with this color combination. You can completely customize your color options with Dreams and Underthings, because everything is made by hand. You just have to leave a note with your Etsy order. The cups on the bralette are tall, so don’t expect to wear this under scoop necks.


So here you can see it’s a single seamed cup that should accommodate a variety of breast shapes. It works well for my short rooted, narrow and projected breasts. There are no wires and no boning, so this is a true bralette. You’ll want the band on this to be snug for optimal support. It’s hard to measure bralettes accurately, but on mine the cups are around 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) wide and 10 inches (25.4 cm) deep. I’d say it’s true to size in the cups for a 26G, and its a fairly flexible fit because of the use of stretch fabrics.


So like most bralettes, the Dreams and Underthings midline gives a minimized, lightly lifted shape. It’s perfect for under sweaters/sweatshirts and drapey things. I find the support level sufficient for going to classes and having a lazy day, but I wouldn’t wear one of these jogging. The jersey used is soft and fairly thick, and it feels high quality. For $30, I think these bralettes are an absolute bargain.


I love ballet backs, and I love the deep one on this bralette. With the midline band, this bralette works well with low-back shirts. Nice added benefit! 🙂 The hook and eye closures allow this to be a much closer fit (and be way more supportive) than bralettes that pull over the head. The band stretches to exactly 26 inches (66 cm), and the pressure is consistent across the band.

Overall, I highly recommend Dreams and Underthings bralettes for anyone looking for an affordable, custom-sized option. I love knowing that the money I spend on these bralettes goes straight to a friend to help pay tuition and support her blog!

You can buy them here!

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