Ewa Michalak CH Pawie Oka: Purple Princess

Ewa Michalak CH Pawie Oka: Purple Princess


Pawie Oka is a gorgeous, regal bra. I adore the CH shape from Ewa Michalak and hope that she starts to make it again! I found this bra in a 60F online and I’m thrilled with the purchase! It’s comfy, gives lovely shape, and I’m obsessed with purple bras. That being said, this is probably my least favorite of the three EM half cups I own.


Look at that color!

So I absolutely adore the style of this bra. The color is a gorgeous bluish purple, and the lace at the edges is a unique pattern that looks very luxe and art-deco. I love the double bow on the center gore, and as always the cleavage is lovely. There are no removable pads in Pawie Oka, but all of Ewa’s more recent CH/CHP styles have included them. The straps on this model are very wide set and this is the first Ewa half cup that has actually been uncomfortable in that area.

Cups are lovely and projected. They are low coverage and work well with more necklines. As is usual for CH/CHP they are very open on top. In fact, they’re a bit too open for me and can gape after my breasts settle into the cups. The cups are narrow at 4.8 inches (12.2 cm) wide. The gore is slightly higher than the other CH/CHP styles I own in this size at 2.25 inches (5.7 cm) tall. This causes it to fall right into the ditch at the top of my sternum and dig in a bit. The cups are 8.6 inches (21.84 cm) deep, but they’re supposed to be low coverage so don’t fret if that sounds smaller than what you’d normally need.

Man I love the CH style! It really flatters my FoB breasts and makes them look incredibly rounded. The straps on this bra don’t adjust long enough for me though. They’re the odd, comfort strap style that is only half adjustable and very stretchy. They’re also super in my armpits and annoyingly sit of the outside of tank top straps. The cups are made of a satiny material that looks very expensive. 

As you can see here the cups are really projected and give a very rounded shape. The poles are masters at creating great cakes on a plate cleavage. The top edge of the cup could be a tiny bit more closed for me, but it’s not a big deal and gaping is not visible under clothing.


The band on this is true to size. It stretches exactly to 28 inches (71 cm). This means that it is a bit big for me, and I do typically wear this on the second set of hooks. You can see that I’ve moved the straps inward to make them a bit shorter. I’ll likely have to alter them in the future. The material of the band is incredibly soft and comfy. Definitely a high point of this bra!

Overall, I really like Pawie Oka but it’s not quite as perfect as the other two CH/CHPs I own. In comparison to my CH Karmelki, the gore on this is slightly higher, the straps slightly wider set, and cups lack the removable pads that allow for greater shape compatibility. Still, a gorgeous, comfy bra for projected ladies!

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