Ewa Michalak S Kamea Bra Review: The Vintage Vixen

Ewa Michalak S Kamea Bra Review: The Vintage Vixen

The S Kamea is definitely one of the sexiest bras I own. The bra is in Ewa Michalak’s S style, a padded plunge bra for larger breasts. It has a higher gore than her PL style and more projection/narrower wires than her 3D style. There are removable push up pads to correct asymmetry (or just enjoy some cleavage). I found this bra used in a 65F and knew that I had to have it, because it’s purple, black, lacy, and vintage inspired. So basically, everything that I love. There are a few fit eccentricities that come from sister-sizing up so much, but overall I love the bra and am happy to take the band in.

Damn this is a gorgeous bra! Look at all of the lift/separate action going on here. I adore the lilac/black color combination and as with all Polish bras, it looks even better in person. I have fairly close set breasts, so I’ve never had this much cakes on a plate action going on. I like it! This picture is without the pushup pads, because I feel as though it’s better to judge the bra without any additions.

Here you can see how well these cups fit me. They’re perfect for my short rooted, full on bottom breasts. I love how rounded and lifted of a look they give me, because my natural look is really quite pointy. The straps are a bit wideset for me, but that’s pretty much to be expected when you sister size up in the band. Ewa Michalak is also rather notorious for her wideset straps, so if that is a pet-peeve of yours, you may wish to avoid this style.

You can see from this side view that this is a very projected but rounded silhouette. While it works well for me, if you’re shallower this is not going to work. The cups are 8.9 inches (22.6cm) deep without the removable pads and 5 inches (12.7cm) wide. This means that they’re a smidge wider than I’d prefer in an ideal world. This is very much a “take the titties to town” bra, so if you prefer a more minimized silhouette you may not like the S cut.


Definitely going to have to alter this!

Unsuprisingly, the 65 (30) band is huge on my 24 inch ribcage. It is true to size to even a bit stretchy at 30.5 inches (77.5cm). Generally, black bras run tighter than their lighter counterparts, but this is not true here. You will want to buy this bra at your regular, british band size. There is no need to size up in the band here. I’ll post later about how I alter my bands, but I’ve really found it to be quite easy to accomplish, even for a terrible seamstress.


I adore all of the little details on this bra! Up close is where Ewa Michalak’s quality and attention to detail truly shine. I love the little Cameo on the center gore. It’s the small details like these that elevate her designs into something truly luxurious.

And finally, here’s what the bra looks like with the removable pads in!


A little much for everyday 😛

Overall, I love the S Kamea and think it’s a great padded option for projected women. The push-up pads are fun, and at smaller times in my monthly cycle I may use them to fill the cups. I’m definitely interested in trying more styles from Ewa Michalak and am incredible tempted to order some of the new S styles in a 55G! Ugh the Polish addiction is real guys! 🙂

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