Ewa Michalak SM Czarna Mgiełka: Sheer Perfection

Ewa Michalak SM Czarna Mgiełka: Sheer Perfection

Ewa Michalak SM Czarna Mgiełka

Ewa Michalak’s SM Czarna Mgiełka (referred to after this as Czarna) is one of the sexiest pieces of lingerie I own. There’s something special about sheer lingerie. It shows off more woman, less bra and it shines in its minimalism. Although I’m not complaining about the oversized bow or lace trim at the top! 🙂 <3 Ewa Michalak consistently makes products I adore. Her SM cut is an unlined balconette (which is more like a plunge in my size) for larger busts. I ordered Czarna in 55G, which is the smallest cup volume this style comes in. As I’m in the grey area between large and small busts for Ewa, I’ve previously reviewed her 3DM style in a 60F. I’ll be comparing the two styles throughout this review for all of us in-betweeners.


I was incredibly worried that Czarna would be too big for me, because I had to order it in a cup volume larger than I would normally take (55FF). Luckily, this gamble seems to have paid off, and I love the added support that the SM cut gives over the 3DM. The cups are much deeper, the gore slightly higher, and the overall bra stops the ridiculous amount of jiggle I have in my 3DM Trefl. This extra support though also comes with extra coverage. The cups on the SM are significantly higher than those of the 3DM, and I’d prefer them a tad smaller to work better with my super short roots.


So as you can see, the very top section, particularly in the outer corners is slightly loose on me. If it were possible, I’d be interested to see how an SM in 55FF was, but unfortunately Ewa won’t make that size in this style. The cups on Czarna are 4.8 inches (12.2 cm) wide and 9.1 inches (23.1 cm) deep.    The fabric on SM has almost no stretch in the cups and the lace edging on the top of Czarna is fairly firm. If you have a full on top shape, this could be problematic for you. The gore on Czarna is blessedly short and narrow. It’s only 2 inches (5 cm) high and the wires overlap. The cups have a lot of center projection and immediate projection. This style will not suit a shallow shape.


So the profile here is uplifted and fairly rounded. The shape would probably be even more rounded if I had more upper fullness. This bra definitely prefers an even shape, but it still works well for my Full on Bottom breasts. One thing I do need to point out is that the wings on this bra are very very wide. The wings are 3.8 inches (9.7) tall! That’s one of the unfortunate things about wearing the smallest size in a products run, the extra smoothing of a very wide band is just annoying in my size and frequently shows under shirts. The straps are also (as is typical for EM) very wide set and stretchy.


Czarna comes with a warning on Ewa’s website that it runs tight, but I didn’t find that to be the case. My 55 band stretches to 25.5 inches (65 cm) and has 4 columns of hook and eye closure. I would say there’s no need to size up in the band of this style unless you’re at the upper end of a size.

Anyways, I’m super thrilled to have found a new bra style that works for me! SM Czarna Mgiełka is lightweight, super supportive, and stunningly sexy. I’m thrilled to have it in my collection (and now disappointed that I didn’t order the matching Stringi). Ewa, if you’re reading this, I would love to see the SM range extended to overlap with the 3DM range in the middle. Medium busted women have a variety of shapes!

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