Gossard Phoebe: Ballerina Balconnette Beauty

Gossard Phoebe: Ballerina Balconnette Beauty


Gossard Phoebe is easily one of the most luxurious, feminine bras to ever make its way into my possession. It’s deliciously retro and reminds me of the Russian ballet. I adore it. If anyone knows where I can get the matching pieces of this set cheaply, please let me know! I need that garter belt/skirt!! The bra I will be reviewing is a 30E. Phoebe is a light ballet pink color with sparkly floral embroidery and rose gold accents. It’s from Gossard’s VIP line.


Phoebe is the first balconnette I’ve tried that has worked for me. I generally find gores in such styles too wide, but on Phoebe the wires touch at the top and my close set breasts are accommodated. The wires remain fairly close at the bottom of the gore, they’re very U shaped. There is plenty of room in the cups for center fullness. Speaking of the gore, I’m completely smitten with the cutout detail and the little rose gold Gossard G emblem. It’s such a lovely detail for a full bust bra. I also love the subtle, feminine sparkle the embroidery gives. This is such a gorgeous bra. I love to show it off under deep V t-shirts or muscle tanks. It’s much too pretty to hide!

As you can see, the straps are a smidge too wideset for my frame. The cups don’t come up high enough for this to be painful, but it’s something to think about if you’re considering the style. The cups on this are very short. They work perfectly for my short roots, but anyone with taller roots would probably not do well in this style. There is a top seam that closes off the cups with lace edging on top of this. This edge bit of lace gapes a bit on me, but it seems like it’s designed in a way that makes that inevitable. I would not recommend Phoebe to anyone full on top, but us full-on bottom shorty-short rooted girls can rejoice!

So here’s probably my least favorite part about Phoebe, the shape. As you can see, it’s quite retro/pointy. Phoebe is definitely a lift/separate style. If you can’t deal with pointy, this is not the bra for you. The silhouette does look lovely under clothes though and it is quite lifted. It helps avoid the infamous “boob-tent” look under loose shirts! I think overall it fits the aesthetic of the bra so I don’t mind too much. I don’t find that the side support slings do much to push me to the center, but then I don’t really have any sideboob to push.

So now time for the thing I love: the back. There is only one row of hooks on Phoebe and the entire back and straps is quite delicate and narrow. I personally hate how utilitarian most full bust bras look in the back, so I’m a fan of this look. However, if you need serious support, you’re not going to find it here (but the back increases to two rows of hooks in 30F). The band on this runs incredibly tight, so size up atleast a band if you’re actually a 30 band. Mine only stretches to 26 inches (66cm), so if you’re a true 26 band this is a wonderful option.

The cups on this could definitely be narrower and more projected, but they work for me. I get a little bit of wrinkling at the bottom from lack of immediate projection, but it’s definitely still workable. They’re about 4.8 inches (11.4 cm) wide and 8.5 inches (21.6cm) deep. Overall, I love the elegance of Gossard Phoebe and I’m excited to see what else the brand has to offer. This is a great bra for petites who don’t mind the retro look.

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