Curve Preview: Love Claudette SS17

Curve Preview: Love Claudette SS17

Today, I’m continuing my coverage of SS17 collections with Claudette! Aesthetically, Claudette has always been one of my favorite brands. They do sporty, minimal, and bright in a size range that includes full bust sizes. It feels like no one else in the full bust world is picking up athleisure, but Claudette is so here for us this coming season.

Reasons to love Claudette this season:

  • They’ve come out with an athleisure inspired sleepwear range that’s literally everything I want to wear on a Saturday. And they named it the Cat’s Pajamas. It’s like they know us or something.
  • They never call beige bras nude <3
  • They make full bust bras without frilliness
  • They’re making the softest possible T-shirt bra, and it will come in 28 bands 😮
  • They’re using an absolutely stunning full-figured model to showcase their collection. It’s lovely to see them use a model that helps showcase their wide size range.

Anyways, lets see some of the looks! Honestly, my pictures of this collection aren’t the best, but I really wanted to share it with you all anyways. Luckily, the kind folks at Claudette were lovely enough to share some of their Look book images, so I’ll post those at the end. I really love the way they’ve styled a lot of the shoots this season.

Aesthetically, I just love what a contrast Claudette gives to other full bust brands. Their mannequins look modern, sleek, and minimal. There are no patterns, ruffles, frills, or extraneous details. Needless to say, I love it! Lets talk about the Claudette Studio line first. The Studio one-shoulder bodysuit (made of smooth microfiber and contrast mesh over the stomach) will come in Sunkissed/Elsa Pink, Blondie/Black, and Black/Blondie this season. It (like all of Claudette’s non bra-sized pieces) comes in XS-XL. The studio line also includes a Chemise and suspender Cami that I don’t have my own picture of. They’ll be available in Sunkissed/Elsa Pink, Black/Blondie, and Blondie/Allure. The microfiber for the studio line is almost unfathomably soft. It’s pretty amazing stuff! 🙂 So lets take a closer look at the T-shirt bra (which you can see in black in the above photo).

Guys, I can honestly say I never thought I’d be excited about a T-shirt bra. But this one is so effing soft. I’ve not had a T-shirt bra since my Victoria’s Secret days, but this one looks like everything I lost when I moved out of core sizes. Have I mentioned that it’s incredibly soft? I’ve got to try this one. It will come in Sunkissed, Black, and Blondie and will have a matching boy short and thong. Both of which look like perfect panties that need to grace my body. Just a word of warning though, Claudette’s bottoms do tend to run small. So if you’re between sizes, size up.

So on to the unstructured pieces of the Dessous collection! I adore the sporty, minimalistic styling of the Dessous bralette, but I wish that Claudette would add a fuller busted version (so like Small, and Full small) for those of us with a large difference between underbust and bust measurements. In fairness, most bralettes are sized using S/M/L sizes like this one is, even ones made by full-bust specialist companies. The Dessous bralette does have hook and eye closures at the back, so that should allow for a closure fit (or at least easier alterations) than bralettes that pull over the head. I absolutely adore both colorways for the bralette this season. Definitely a win there 🙂 As far as the bodysuit goes, I do like the concept, but I could see it being really hard to style. I definitely don’t have the right things to layer with a sheer garment with so many colors (although maybe it would look cool over a black strappy set). Love that they’re doing bodysuits though!

God I love this color way of Dessous! It’s a gorgeous, mysterious grey with bright coral edging. The mesh on this season’s Dessous feels a bit softer than the older ones. The elastic edging on the panties also feels higher quality and softer on the edges. I’ve loved the Dessous bra aesthetically since they came out with it, but I’ve never found the perfect fit in it. Maybe this will be the season! The Dessous Full Coverage Bra comes in East Hampton (a gorgeous turquoise with contrasting light pink trim), Tea for Two (a bright lemon yellow with contrasting light pink trim), Grey Gardens (shown above), and Little Edie (A bright, slightly corally pink), Blondie/Black, Licorice (black), Allure (cream), and Sunkissed. As in previous seasons, the Dessous has a matching Brazilian thong and rushed back bikini.

I really love how well Claudette’s SS17 collection jells together. It’s cool to see the same color themes throughout their different silhouettes. Also, how sick is this season’s fishnet color way? I adore the high contrast between the black and blondie! On someone pale-skinned, everything but the black outline will disappear creating an awesome graphic outlined look. Personally, I sort of wish they had used the sun kissed shade for this style (matches my skin better) but it’s not all about me :p  Fishnet will also be available in Licorice (black) as a continuity shade, and it has a matching tanga panty (that sort of looks like a string bikini to me). I’ve not tried Fishnet yet, but this one is calling to me hard! 🙂

So, I don’t have pictures of the whole Cat’s Pajamas line, but it will include: a Short PJ set (Short sleeved button down top  with fishnet back paired with elastic waist shorts), a hooded robe (short, long-sleeved robe with an oversized fishnet lined hook), a Fishnet Dress (racerback tank-style, completely sheer, and fairly short), a Long Dress (pictured below), a Tube Top and Drop Crotch Pants set (Bandeau top with one shouldered fishnet overlay and low-waisted drop-crotch pants with fishnet side panels), and finally a playsuit (Basically identical to the Long Dress but ending in shorts and not a skirt). All of the pieces are made of incredibly Modal and fishnet in the Grey Gardens color way.

Okay, so now that you’ve read my ramblings (and seen my cluttered pictures) I bet you want to see the professional images! Love how they brought the athleisure inspiration of the collection right into the lookbook. And seriously, cry with me over how perfect the Cat’s Pajamas long dress is. Need it! 🙂

Thank you Claudette for letting me share your beautiful images! 🙂 I absolutely love this collection, and can’t wait until it starts coming out next year. I must own the maxi dress, the T-shirt bra in sun kissed, the Fishnet set in Blondie/Black, and the Dessous Bralette in East Hamptons. Looks to be a tough season for my bank account! :p

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