My Lingerie Wishlist

My Lingerie Wishlist

So, in the spirit of the holidays, I’ve decided to make a list of all of the lingerie items I’m lusting over this christmas. Truthfully, most of them are unlikely to actually enter my closet, because I have no wealthy patron. Where can I find one? I’d like a secret santa who gives chantilly lace and silk please! :p

I’ve only included pieces from indie designers for a variety of reasons.

  1. I find their designs the most inspiring.
  2. The value for money is much better than in a larger company with more overhead.
  3. Manufacturing is more ethical (AFAIK)
  4. They’re most likely to make custom orders and I basically require a custom size.
  5. You’re less likely to have already seen people blogging/tweeting/sharing about these pieces in a million places.

Anyways, I hope my way too many hours of shopping for lingerie help you find something new! 🙂 These pieces are in no particular order, and I’d like to stress that I am in no way affiliated with or paid by any of these companies. These are not referral links, affiliate links, or anything like that. Just me sharing what I love with all you <3

Marianna Giordana 

So I’m really in love with this design (and designer). It combines a few of my favorite things: purple, eyelash lace, silk, and strappy details. Each order is handmade to measure, so Marianna’s designs are open to a wide variety of sizes and hard to fit shapes. I can’t wait to get my hands on one! I’m always happy to support female entrepreneurs, and my bradrobe has been majorly missing a piece like this. There’s nothing like it for sub-30 bands at the moment in the full-bust market. You can find Marianna Giordana on Etsy here.


So clearly I’m not over the strappy/bondage lingerie trend. I’ve never had any of it in my size, and dammit I will before it goes the way of tube tops! I absolutely adore this harness because of the color, hardware, and the fact it looks more like jewelry than S&M. This would look so perfect peeking out of a loose white V-neck. I also adore the matching ouvert panty.  ParaNoire is a one-woman show and everything is handmade. This also allows for the possibility of customizations if (like me) you fall out of the size range of pieces). You can find ParaNoire on Etsy here.


This corset tickles my inner history buff. I’ve literally never seen anything that seemed so perfectly me. Seriously, RetroFolie designer, you rock! Anyways, this is currently way out of my price range (especially as I’d need it made custom) but it’s the piece I’m most likely to save up for. It comes in corset sizes 18-26. I can just imagine wearing this over sundresses and drinking Sangria with Italian men by the Mediterranean. I don’t live in Italy, but whatever, a girl can dream. RetroFolie’s entire historical line based on famous paintings is incredibly tempting to me, and you can find her shop on Etsy here.

Esty Lingerie


Glimmer green sparkly tap pants $50

I’m majorly in love with these tap pants. Green is one of the most underutilized colors in lingerie, and I love how these use it in a way that’s feminine and screams luxury. To be honest, I don’t have the loungewear wardrobe to complement these. I feel like they need a silk chiffon robe and silky cami. Hmmm… maybe these will send me on a new lingerie buying spree. Anyways, the tap pant is one of my favorite designs for loungewear. It screams France, opulence, and frivolity. I love it! Esty lingerie is also run by a major girl boss Estelle, who writes one of my favorite blogs. You can find her products both on Etsy here and in her webstore here.

Helen Kukovski

I don’t know why I love this set so much, but I do. Is it the black mesh? Is it the owls? I have no idea honestly, but it looks cute, comfy, and quirky. I’ve never seen a print quite like it. Helen is willing to make all of her items to custom measurements, which opens her products to anyone outside of standard SML sizing (AKA most of us). I find bralettes impossible to find outside of the made-to-measure world, so I’m on the lookout for cute handmade designs. You can find Helen Kukovski on Etsy here.

Edge O’ Beyond 

I’m absolutely in love with this set. Unfortunately, it’s the thing on this list I’m least likely to own because it doesn’t come in my size. The size range on this set is 30-36 A-E. I adore the illusion panelling, cut out details, and little cherub appliqués. The price absolutely reflects the quality of the components (24KT gold plating, french lace, and cutting edge design). I’m keeping my eye out for a size expansion! Ugh, this design epitomizes what Indie labels are able to do and why we need them in the fashion world. Please, women in this size range, buy the design so they make more! (Also, if you’re in the sub-30 band market join me in writing to Edge O’ Beyond). Edge O’Beyond is a new, luxury lingerie company focused on real gold accents that hand makes their lingerie in the UK and locally sources. Their products can be found on their website here.

Blue Reign

Blue Reign is a new UK luxury lingerie company serving the full-bust market. It’s currently a one-woman operation with a unique, strong aesthetic of vegan leather, cutout, and harness details. Their designs absolutely scream #girlboss to me. I love how the Laine bra makes a statement, and I’ve never seen a similar design (especially in the full-bust market). The size range is an impressive 28-36 A-HH. I’d feel like Katniss in this, and I’d love it for my take-no-prisoners days or a killer night out. Definitely a new brand to watch! You can find them on their website here.

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