Panache Andorra Plunge: The Weekender

Panache Andorra Plunge
Panache Andorra Plunge
Panache Andorra Plunge

Panache Andorra plunge is comfort personified. It’s also an accessible bra and can be easily found for under $30 brand new on Amazon or Ebay. If you’re new to the bra journey, it’s an easy one to try out in a non-matrix size without breaking the bank. I’m personally a huge fan of the lovely Aquamarine color way I picked up in a 28E. This is a great lounging around/weekend bra, but it’s not exactly a heavy lifter. The cups are of a 3 part construction that is less immediately projected but more even-fullness friendly than a Freya plunge.


Look at that lovely color!

So this color happens to be one of my absolute favorites, so I’m a bit biased about the overall look of the bra. The lace on the gore extends to a bit beneath it. I find that the lace looks lovely and high quality. This bra does wrinkle a tiny bit on me because the top section is about .5 of a cm too tall. This doesn’t interfere with the overall fit of the bra and I definitely would not have enough space in a smaller cupsize. Plunges are practically always a bit tall for me, so I wouldn’t expect that this is too common of an issue. The gore is very very low, so if you have very soft tissue or center fullness you’re going to want to pass on this one. It does get higher in larger sizes and becomes a bit more of a balcony plunge.

This bra is a bit too shallow for me at the bottom of the cups. As you can see, there’s a bit of a crease there. At certain times of the month I get floating underwires on this bra on my larger breast. This is overall a very projected 28E, the cups are 8.9 inches (22.6 cm) deep and 4.8 inches (12.2cm)  wide. The apex of the cups is fairly high up. The wires are extremely firm and will not bend. Do not expect to be able to bend them.

The best feature of the Andorra Plunge (the comfy lace) is also its worst feature. This bra does not give a whole lot of lift. It’s quite a pointy, natural shape on me. I would expect that this problem would worsen in larger sizes, so be aware of that. The stretchy lace material will allow for fullness in all sorts of different places, so it does have its benefits. The wires on this are very short and a bit wide. They’re barely curved little semi circles, so if you have sideboob you want to contain, Andorra will not do the job. This is definitely not an industrial, keep em in place bra.

The band on this bra is wonderfully tight. Mine stretches to about 27 inches (68.5cm). Great for us sub-28 ladies! 🙂 I have heard that the band will stretch out quickly with wear, but I haven’t owned this long enough to know. Overall, the Andorra Plunge is a lovely bra for light-activity days. It comes in adorable colors and is lightweight and affordable, but it’s not going to give great lift or superior support. I believe this bra would accommodate most shapes as a result of the stretch lace, but I think shallow ladies would have extreme difficulty with this one.

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