Panache Cleo Kayla: Plaid and Perfect

Panache Cleo Kayla

Sorry for the relative silence lately guys! I’ve just started classes at a new University (and moved a couple of states) and life has been pretty crazy.  If you need a more frequent fix, I’m @stackddplus on Instagram. Ya’ll should totally follow me for sneak peeks of upcoming posts (and fun lingerie as outerwear outfits).

Anyways, today’s review is of the Cleo Kayla! The Kayla is related to my old favorite Cleo Lily, and is a clone of the more recent Cleo Hettie (which I hope to try soon). I’ve experienced a lot of breast growth lately, so I purchased Kayla in a 28FF.

Cleo Hettie

So I was really unsure about the pattern of the Kayla, but I actually love the way it looks in person. It’s not too bright, and I feel like the purple and baby blue works together beautifully. Kayla is made of a single layer of laminated fabric in the two bottom sections with a stretch lace upper section. This is definitely a bra that requires a lot of projection and center fullness. It’s by far my current favorite, and I love that it’s a bit lower coverage than the Cleo Skye (another favorite from the SS16 collection).  Cleo Kayla has a thick, full band. This sometimes gives the look that it’s sitting out of the IMF, when in fact it’s sitting correctly.

Cleo Kayla Angle

This bra is so, so comfortable! The wires are fairly soft for Cleo, and the fabric is smooth and not scratchy. The cups do expect a fair amount of upper fullness, and I’d say this bra will work best for an even breast shape. The stretch lace allows it to accommodate a variety of shapes (and size fluctuations) without gaping or cutting in. There’s no silicone lining at the top of the lace, it’s truly open. I appreciate that the wings on this style are fairly low, and it definitely stays out of my armpits a lot better than my Marcie in the same size. The gore on Kayla is fairly narrow, and it’s only 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) tall. The cups also tilt towards the center, so this is a perfect bra for those of us with center fullness that just won’t quit.

Cleo Kayla side

From the side, Kayla isn’t quite as round as some other Cleos. I think it would be more round on someone with more upper fullness to stretch the lace. The projection is unreal on Kayla. The cups are 5.1 inches (12.6 cm) wide and 9.8 inches (24.9 cm) deep. My roots have gotten wider as I’ve grown, so this width feels perfect. You can see a bit of wrinkling in the bottom corner of the cup, because the wires are more U-shaped than my IMF. It doesn’t compromise fit, support, or comfort so I’m fine with it.

Cleo back

So here you can see the not-so-nice part of Kayla! I definitely need to alter the band, and it does run quite large. It stretches to 29 inches (74 cm). So obviously way too large on my 24 inch ribcage. I must say, I really do miss the old Cleos that ran tight! These days, I’d definitely take your normal band size! I love the contrasting yellow trim and pink sliders on Kayla. They spice up an otherwise boring back.

Overall, Kayla has cuddled its  way to the top of my lingerie drawer! It’s one of my new favorite bras (well, one of my only in my new cup volume).

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