Curve Preview: Panache Lingerie SS17

Panache Lingerie

Today we’re going to talk about Panache’s SS17 collection! The primary colors are peachy/blush tones, coral, and grey-blues. As per usual, Panache is acting like the more sophisticated version of Cleo. I absolutely love the coral tones for this season, and there are some exciting new cuts (like a cut and sew foam balconette). Lets get to the coverage! 🙂

Panache Jasmine Petal Print

Panache Jasmine Petal Print 28 F-HH 30 D-K

Panache Jasmine White Abstract

Panache Jasmine White Abstract 28 F-HH 30-38 D-K

Panache Jasmine Blue Blossom

Panache Jasmine Blue Blossom 28 F-HH 30 D-K

Jasmine is one of Panache’s best-selling shapes, and it comes in three fashion colors this season (in addition to Black and Caramel). For all the small band ladies, Jasmine is available in a 28 band again!!! 😀 😀 I’m so excited to try it out. I love the peach and coral tones of the Petal Print colorway (picture 1). It feels fresh, airy, and perfect for wickedly hot days. The Petal Print is the most sheer of the colors this season, and the fabric used on the cups is a tad thinner. In the middle, there’s the artistic White Abstract color way. In truth, I have white bra PTSD and thus have an aversion to all such color ways so this is my least favorite Jasmine this season. The print is quite creative though, and it looks like watercolor brushstrokes. Finally, we have my favorite color way: Blue Blossom! Grey is so underutilized in lingerie, and I adore the painterly floral used here. I doubt I’ll resist it! 😉 Jasmine fits projected busts best and can be pointy on those without upper fullness.

Panache Clara

Panache Clara 30-38 D-J 40 E-J

Panache Andorra

Panache Andorra 28-40 D-J

Panache Envy

Panache Envy 28 F-HH 30-38 D-K

Onto some lacy options! 🙂 Clara is always a stunner, and this season’s color ways of Royal Blue and Pink/Dove don’t disappoint. Clara will be available in continuity colors of Charcoal/Black and a very light beige. I need Royal Blue set in my life, because it’s incredibly luxurious and regal looking in combination with the gold lace. Definitely a set for feeling regal! Up next is the Andorra, which comes in an interesting two toned lace this season called Mineral Blue (it will also be available in white, pearl, and black). Andorra uses stretch lace, so it’s a great bra for size fluctuations (or just weekend comfort). The lace has a muted, greyish teal base with golden accents throughout. I can’t decide if I love or hate it. Finally, the Envy in a daring coral! 🙂 I adore this color way, and am thrilled that Panache is bringing Envy in 28 bands this season. Envy is another stretch lace bra, but its more projected and has narrower wires than Andorra.

Panache Ava

Panache Ava 28F-H 30DD-H 28-38 D-H

Panache Tango Coral

Panache Tango Coral 28-40 D-K 42 D-J 44 DD-FF

Panache Tango Rub

Panache Tango Rub 28-40 D-K 42 D-J 44 DD-FF

Up top we have a style I’m incredibly excited for: the Ava! New for AW16, Ava is a fully banded, stretch lace plunge bra available this season in an incredibly girly light blush. Personally, I wish the color was less sweet, but for those of you with a very feminine style this is a perfect bra. The lace is stunning up close, and it looks like an improved version of my much beloved (but sadly discontinued) Panache Andorra plunge. Next we have the two fashion colors for Tango: coral and Ruby. As expected, I love the coral. The Tango fits best in larger cups, and is designed for a full on bottom breast shape.

Panache Floris

Panache Floris 30-38 D-K

Panache Thea

Panache Thea 30-38 D-K

It wouldn’t be a Panache Spring collection without some off the wall florals! 🙂 Up top, we have the striking black floral color way of the Floris. I love the contrast between the black background and the bright, tropical floral print. Adds a bit of an extra punch! Floris is a Cleo Marcie clone, and is best for Full on Top breast shapes. The second picture is of the Thea in Ivory/Floral. The laminated fabric on Thea is particularly thick and strong, and Panache said that this bra was designed with the top of the range in mind. Thea’s print almost looks like old-fashioned textbook illustrations, and I love how botanical it is.

Panache Sandie

Panache Sandie 30-38 D-K

Panache Penny

Panache Penny 30-38 D-K

Two new neutral styles from Panache this season are the Sandie in Cashmere (top) and the Penny in Ivory (bottom). Both look to be quite full coverage, and go up to a K cup. The beige on Sandie is a bit cool toned.

Panache Elise

Panache Elise 30-38 D-G

The Elise in Powder Blue is the only fashion-color moulded bra this season from Panache. It’s a classic spring color that reminds me of robins eggs and wedding season. Continuity moulded/T-shirt options include the Cari spacer-foam bra (with J-hook) in Black and Champagne, the Porcelain Viva in Black and light beige, the Porcelain in Black and light beige, And the Porcelain Elan range (plunge bra, T-shirt bra, strapless bra) in Black, White, and light beige.

Panache Petra

Panache Petra 28 E-H 30-38 D-H

Guys, Petra is my favorite style of the collection. Hands down. She may look unassuming at first, but you’re looking at a four part, cut and sew foam cup with 2 vertical seams and a horizontal top section (the side support section you see is decorative I believe). This is a new style for Panache, and I’m thrilled to see them move into cut-and-sew foam bra (one of my favorite styles!). Better yet, the Cappuccino colorway is a gorgeous, rosy light-chocolate that could function as a nude for some women of color. I can’t wait to try this one out! Squee!! 🙂 It’s everything I could have asked for in a bra! I can’t wait to try it as soon as it comes out 🙂

What are your favorite styles from this collection?

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