Cleo Skye: Summer Princess

Cleo Skye: Summer Princess

Cleo Skye

The Cleo Skye is one of my favorite styles that came out in SS16. I adore bright colors for summer, and I love the combination of light blue and lemon. It reminds me of drinking cocktails poolside, and I’m always a fan of allover lace. This design is a bit more grown up for Cleo, and I love that. I realize some people love twee prints, but I’m much more of a solids girl. Cleo Skye is related to both Cleo Marcie and the long discontinued (but close to my heart) Cleo Lily.  I’m actually shocked by how nice of a fit this is! Being both full-on-bottom and short rooted, I’ve always thought that the Marcie family was out of reach for me. Shows how important it is to reach out of your comfort zone and not discount things! 🙂

I bought the Cleo Skye in 28F.

Cleo Skye left

So the Cleo Skye is made for an even/FoT shape. The cups are very deep and narrow, and they run a bit large. Which, is fantastic for me because I’ve experienced a considerable amount of growth lately. The cups are 4.65 inches (11.8 cm) wide by 9.5 inches (24.1 cm) deep. This is makes Skye one of the narrowest and deepest bras that I’ve ever tried in 28F. So a great asset for the Polish-loving crowd! 🙂 The cups are also fairly tall, at 6.4 inches (16.3 cm) high. They’re a bit too tall for me on my smaller side, but the wrinkling is minimal. The cups are neither very closed off nor very open, so they may cut in on those with extreme upper fullness. The lace on Skye is all non-stretch.

Cleo Skye right

So, you can see here that I’ve got a little in-cup quad on my larger side. This is a common issue with the Marcie family, and it may be more prominent if you’ve got softer tissue than I do. The cups are quite full coverage on me and do not have a whole lot of stretch. They do however seem to have more room at the wire than the cups of my Cleo Lily. Score! 🙂

cleo skye side

Look at this shape! Cleo always kills it with their unlined bras, and Skye is no exception. I adore the rounded shape, and it’s something that so few unlined bras manage to create.

Cleo Skye back

So the band on Skye is on the larger side of true to size. It stretches to 28.5 inches (72.4 cm), so I’ll need to alter it at some point. It feels like it will stretch out quickly as well. I’d choose your normal band size in this one if possible. The straps on this are fairly thin (and non-stretchy), which I love on a summer bra! 🙂 The bright lemon is definitely not discreet, but it is cheerful!

So, lets talk about how this compares to Lily (my favorite Cleo bra)

cleo bra

Cleo Skye

So you can see here that Cleo Skye is more of a plunge balcony than the Cleo Lily which is a more classic balconette. The gore on the Cleo Skye is 0.25 inch (0.6 cm) shorter than on Lily. The cups on Skye are 0.65 of an inch taller than those of Lily. Quite a considerable difference! Most of that extra height is in the top section, which is not very stretchy. I haven’t tried Marcie, but according to Bratabase, the cups of it are 0.6 shorter than those of Skye (which makes them very similar to the height of Lily’s cups). Marcie’s cups are much more open than those of Skye.

Cleo bra side

Cleo Skye right

The gore on the Cleo Skye is considerably narrower than that of the Lily, which helps it allow for center fullness. The cups on Skye are deeper than those of Lily by 0.6 inch (1.5 cm) and narrower by 0.1 inch (0.3 inch).


Have any of you tried Skye? I recommend going down a cup (if you’re full-on-bottom or on the smaller side of your cup) and keeping your normal band size. Cleo Skye is absolutely a new favorite of mine! Can’t live without the round unlined shape that only a Cleo bra can give 🙂

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