The Bra Band Project: 30 Bands and Under, We Need You!

The Bra Band Project

Recently at the Curve Expos in both New York and Las Vegas, brands that cater to large-busted women suggested that 30 bands and under were either for juniors, or that there was no market for them(Another example can be found here). However, that is simply not the case: there are many women out there who need 30 bands and under and we are not all juniors.  While we come in all different shapes and sizes, we all have a small back size in common.

To prove that we are not all juniors and that we exist as a market we have decided to create the Bra Band Project where we are looking for photos of women who wear 30 bands or under. We will make a flickr album and eventually a collage with our photos to show that we are not just juniors but women of all shapes and sizes that need small bands.  We’d love your help so please submit your own photo and band size using the form below or email it to  Note we need both your bra size and your photo. We cannot include a submission without both of those. If you are a blogger who would like to help out with this project email us at


This project is near and dear to my heart because I believe every woman deserves a great fitting bra; one that doesn’t move around so much that you get a rash under your breasts, or have back pain, or bounce around or have droopy breasts. But if the bra industry doesn’t think women, in general, wear a 28 or 30, much less a 26, how will those of us who have smaller back sizes get the support we need?

The more we can raise awareness of these sizes in the industry and help bra manufacturers and lingerie buyers see who needs these bras, the better chance we have of

1) seeing more of these sizes incorporated in brands’ collections and

2) seeing these sizes carried in stores and

3) helping women find and stay in sizes that fit excellently.

Also, by posting photos of what we look like, we can help each other. A woman who thinks she’s a 34DD but isn’t happy with her bras might realize her shape looks more like someone who wears a 30FF, even if she didn’t realize that was a size that even existed. As June’s truly illuminating underbust survey and a separate Marine survey demonstrate, a huge chunk of women actually measure 31″ or below for their underbust. By putting together a gallery of photos that shows what sub-32 bands look like, other women might see that they are similarly shaped, measure themselves, and realize that sizing down in the band and up in the cup could be the solution to their bra-fitting woes.

We want you to join our project! Together with fellow full-bust bloggers Braless in BrazilBras I HateBoosaurus, and By Babys Rules, we hope to gather as many photos of all of you sub-32 bands out there as possible. If you wear a band size 30 or below, you can submit a photo of yourself using the form below. We’ll be cropping out faces to keep you anonymous, so don’t worry about putting it all out there! You can wear use a photo in your bra, swimsuit, or regular clothes; full body or waist up: just be sure to include at least your torso.

Not sure what size you are? I highly recommend this bra calculator.

UPDATE: See the results of our project here!

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