Thinx Period Panties: A Girl’s Best Friend

Thinx Period Panties

Hey everyone, sorry for the missed week. I just moved apartments, and the internet situation has been well, a situation! So, I’ve got a review for you all that’s a little different for you guys! Period panties by Thinx. I’ve seen the ads all around, and read this lovely interview/review from Comics Girls Need Bras that pushed my curiosity over the edge. I bought the hiphugger in beige and black, the cheeky in black, and the thong in black. If you’re squeamish about periods, you may wish to turn back here. I’m going to be keeping it real, very real about what’s really going on in my pants that time of the month.

So basically, Thinx underwear can be used either as a back-up or replacement to your normal pad/tampon/menstrual cup routine. They’re anti-microbial and moisture wicking. Thinx is also involved with AFRIpads, an amazing organization that trains women how to create and sell pads. Each pair of Thinx you purchase gives 5 pads to a woman in Africa, which is pretty amazing! 🙂 This particular part of the company really spoke to me, because I grew up in West Africa. No girl should be out of school because of her period, and yet it’s all too common in the developing world.


Image courtesy of AFRIpads

Speaking of the developing world, I currently work as a teacher in the Dominican Republic. As a Catholic, machisimo country, there is a lot of emphasis placed on female “purity”, especially as it pertains to the hymen. This means that tampons are very hard to find, expensive, and in some places are only sold to married women. This means that my previous solution to my period was to import mass quantities of tampons in my suitcase after every trip home to the states. I’m just really, really not a pad girl! Thinx are so much more convenient and easy to pack. I absolutely recommend them for travelers to the developing world and backpackers.

I’ve had my Thinx for 3 cycles now, and I’m very very impressed. They’ve made my period easier and more comfortable. I’ve completely replaced tampons with Thinx and had no issues. For reference, I do have a fairly light period. I typically use 1-2 tampons in day, and I frequently remove them before they’re full (sorry for the TMI). I bought all of the Thinx in a size XS, but I would be an XXS by their size chart. Unfortunately, they currently don’t offer that size.

The Hip-Hugger


This is the most absorbent pair of Thinx available. They’re listed on the website as absorbing 2 tampons worth of blood, and I’d say that I found that pretty accurate. I had no problems wearing them for the full 24 hours of my heaviest flow days. They don’t feel diaper like, which was one of my main worries! They also don’t have any of that gross pad smell or dampness. If you have chunks though, you will have to wipe them off with toilet paper when you go to the bathroom. They will not be absorbed.


So the coverage on these is very full, which is to be expected I think.One thing to note is that they are not very stretchy AT ALL. When I pulled my Thinx out of the package, I originally thought I had been sent the wrong size. They looked huge! But, when I put them on they fit fairly well. I have around a 33.5 inch (85 cm) full hip measurement, and I’m around 30 inches (76 cm) at my high hip. I think that a size smaller might be a slightly more secure fit and I would say that overall they’re true to the Thinx size chart.

The absorbent portion of the panty extends to the waistband, and covers really anywhere where spillage could happen. It is noticeably thicker than a normal panty when you first put it on, but I quickly forget I’m wearing them during the day. The outer material is a bit swimsuit-like, and they are a bit hotter than wearing a cotton panty. They are cotton lined though, and breathability is still pretty good. Which is important to me in a tropical climate!


I bought the hiphuggers in beige as well, and I definitely prefer the black. To me, the beige is a big granny-ish and it’s quite a light beige. But, if I ever feel like living dangerously and wearing white pants during shark week I’ll have the perfect pair! These are also lined in black, and have the same absorbent layer as the black pair. I find the beige to fit slightly larger than the black, but it’s not a significant difference.


So you can see, they’re a bit loose on my butt, but that’s to be expected because I was forced to size up. It doesn’t affect protection, so I’m not too bothered by it. I do of course hope that Thinx offers XXS at some point in the future!

The Cheeky


This is by far my favorite pair of Thinx! I love the cut, they’re a bit stretchier (and thus fit better), and they look just like my normal underwear! This is my kind of style! I would love to see it offered in some more colors. Maybe Oxblood or some other type of red for fall? The Cheeky can absorb 1 tampon worth of blood, and again I found that claim to be accurate. I wore these on medium days for the entire 24 hours and had no issues. I think there’s more flexibility in the sizing for these than the hip-huggers, but I’d say they run true to size as well.


So you can see here the level of butt coverage! They are in fact, quite cheeky. I prefer underwear cut like this overall, because I get the cheek freedom of a thong with a more substantial feeling. I haven’t had any problems with leakage in these, but they are a bit narrower in the crotch than the hiphuggers, so it’s a possibility if your legs are more separated than mine. These are still actually a little too wide for me in that area, and that’s what’s causing them to bunch a bit. I’ve worked out in these while, and I did find that they stayed put. If you have a heavier flow and don’t think that full tampon replacement is in the cards for you, I highly recommend this pair. They’re cute, comfortable, and absorbent enough to make them worth your time.



This was by far my least favorite of the three styles. It does feel sort of diaperish and thick, and the front bit is awkwardly narrow and tall. I don’t know why they didn’t just make it a normal bikini cut front with a thong back! It seems like that would be better coverage. The thong absorbs ½ a tampon of blood. I’ve used it primarily for working out when on a lighter day. It does stay fairly seamless under yoga pants. I’ve not really tested it for long term use because I find it less comfortable than the other pairs I own. It also runs larger, and the lace waistband has considerable stretch. I definitely would want a smaller size in this, but honestly I wouldn’t order the thong again. I’d save your money for the pairs that do more!

Care, Comfort, and Experience

It may sound dramatic, but Thinx seriously has made my period worlds better. As a woman with a light flow, I was constantly pulling out fairly dry tampons. This is both very painful and unhealthy for the vagina. I’ve also found that my cramps have lessened a huge amount since switching to free-bleeding. My period can last for up to 10 days, so I’ve ruined a lot of cute underwear by risking going tampon free on spotty days. It’s so much less stressful teaching when I don’t need to worry about bleed-throughs or finding time to change a tampon. I also don’t need to worry about running out of tampons and having to scour local stores for them to pay $15 for a box of 12. Plus, I know I’m supporting a small, female-run, feminist business that’s lessening the taboo on periods and giving back to women in the developing world.

Thinx do require a little bit more care than normal underwear. You have to rinse them out each day after wear so that they’re not super bloody when you throw them in your washing machine. You should wash them in cold water, without fabric softener and line dry them. The rinsing can get a bit awkward if you live in a group house like I do, because it’s a little hard to find a sink that your roommates are okay with being temporarily full of menstrual blood. I rinse mine in the bathroom sink and then hang them on extra hangers in my closet until I do my machine wash. I make sure to rinse the sink out with baking soda afterwords, but it doesn’t actually leave any visible residue. I line dry everything because I have no dryer, so that’s not a hassle to me, but it’s an extra step if you’re not used to it.

Let me know if you have any questions about Thinx that I haven’t answered! Have any of you tried them? I’d love to hear your experiences 🙂

If you’re interested in buying a pair, you can use this link to get $10 off your order! 🙂 You’ll be prompted to create an account and they’ll email you a code for $10 off. They adorably call this “blood money”.  In full disclosure, I’ll also get $10 store credit if you do choose to buy through this link.

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