Toru & Naoko Juana and Sharon: Relaxed Art Deco Style

Toru & Naoko Juana and Sharon: Relaxed Art Deco Style

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Anyways, today I’ll be reviewing Toru & Naoko’s Juana wrap bra and Sharon high waisted panties from their recent Lempicka collection. Their site is down right now, but you can pick this set up at Bluestocking’s Boutique at $65 for the bralette and $54 for the panties.  I ordered the Juana bralette in custom sizing (roughly 26FF) and the Sharon panties in XS. You can get custom sizing by ordering directly from Toru & Naoko for an added fee, and they do make true full-bust sizes. So,  larger-cupped people looking for bralettes (particularly in more androgynous sporty styles) check out Toru & Naoko!

Toru & Naoko Juana

I’ve been really, really loving the crossover/wrap bralette look lately. Actually, I’ve been enjoying the popularity of bralettes in general. While I don’t find underwired bras uncomfortable, I enjoy the relaxed silhouette that a bralette gives. Sometimes, it’s nice to not have super projected and lifted boobs. Anyways, I found this bralette to be surprisingly supportive. It works basically through compression and centering the breasts (which I appreciate since mine like to point away from each other). I’m also completely in love with the color combination here! I’m swooning over the contrast between the blush mesh and black trim.

Toru & Naoko Juana angle

Lingerie nerd that I am, I love the reference in this style to the Kestos bra (an early 30s bra, and one of the first with separated cups). If you’re interested in the style, Knickerbocker Stories has an amazing post about them. I love that Toru & Naoko has chosen to utilize a vintage silhouette that complements the art deco inspiration for this collection. I do think that this bralette is made for breasts that are slightly further apart than mine. The crossover bit in the center is a bit too wide, and does wrinkle some.  For those of you who like measurements: the cups are 5.5 inches (14 cm) tall when laid flat and roughly 5 inches (12.7 cm) wide. At the widest point, the bit where the two cups crossover is around 2.5 inches (6.35 cm).


So from the side, you can see that the silhouette is rounded and minimized. Perfect for under flowy tops and dresses. From a practical standpoint, I’ve found that this design is lovely for boob-sweat prevention. A definite win for the 90 degree days we’ve been having here! Overall, I’m really happy with how well this bralette fits me. I’d say that Toru & Naoko did very well making this to my size. I’d recommend their custom sizing option for anyone who doesn’t quite fall into their standard options.

Toru & Naoko Juana angle back

So you can see the band here. Overall, it fits fairly well, but on the looser side. If you prefer a tight band on your bras, you may wish to specify that with a custom order.  Other reviews of Toru & Naoko have also indicated loose band fit. The band closure is a 2×2 hook and eye. The fully-adjustable straps are thin at around ¼ inch (0.6 cm), but not overly stretchy and I find them to be quite comfortable.


Ahh this set is just the cutest thing ever!! Seriously, I’m absolutely in love with the aesthetics of this set. I would say though that it’s probably best for those of us with longer torsos. I’ve rarely seen panties in this silhouette, and I really do love them! The top strappy bit has sliders, and can adjust to fit both smaller and larger waists. Overall  I’d say these panties run true to the size chart, but they are flexible in fit and can accommodate a smaller waist than stated. I’m wearing the XS: my waist is around 22 inches, my high hip is around 30 inches, and my low hip is around 33 inches.


This set makes me feel like an Art Deco ballerina. I’ve always been obsessed with Art Deco style (and the 1920s), so  I knew I needed this set as soon as it came out. As far as quality goes, I don’t have any complaints. The materials all feel nice to the touch, and the stitching is neat and professional. All of the hardware is metal, and the bra clasp in the back feels sturdy. I do wish that the mesh was a little less wrinkly, but I’m pretty sure that’s a feature of how the set fits me as opposed to the fabric itself. The mesh has quite a bit of stretch to it, as does the elastic trim. I’m happy to say that the elastic trim is not sewn on too tightly, and this set happily avoids any in-cup quadboob or bulging. Yay! 🙂


So, you can see here that the fit of the panties is a little bit strange. They’re super cute from the front, but I think something about the cut doesn’t quite work with my shape. I don’t love how the fabric gapes a bit and wrinkles at the cutout in the center front.


So on the back of the panties you can really see that they don’t suit my shape very well. I don’t really know exactly what the problem is, but I’m definitely not a fan on how these fit from this angle. They’re actually identically cut at the back and the front. On my butt, that means that back gusset (what is that part called?) is awkwardly between thong and panty width. It either looks sort of like a diaper or gets swallowed by my butt (which is what’s happening here). I get some of the same gaping here that I did on the front of the panties, and the wrinkling is definitely worse. It almost looks like they’re too small here, but they feel loose on my body. Anyways, if you have any ideas what’s causing this, let me know!

Overall, I’m really in love with this set despite the odd fit at the back of the panties. I’d love to own more things from this brand, and I’m impressed with their custom sizing. They’re a perfect place to look for androgynous, bow-free, minimal lingerie with retro roots (although they do have heart and bow patterns as well for the more femme among us).

If you’re curious to see how their lingerie works on a fuller busted lady, Comics Girls Need Bras has a lovely review of their Kumiko set in custom 30GG.

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