Uye Surana Luna: Custom Beauty

Uye Surana Luna: Custom Beauty

Uye Surana Luna

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Uye Surana, a luxury indie label made in NYC, is one of my all time favorite lingerie brands. In a previous review of their Claire set, Uye Surana impressed me with the attention to detail in the scaling and construction of the set. They know their shit when it comes to designing bralettes for small band/large cup customers! After my positive experience with Claire, I knew I needed to own another one of their sets.  I loved the Luna but, being the brat I am, wanted it in a color that would contrast more with my skin tone. I emailed the lovely ladies at Uye Surana and they were incredibly accommodating. They suggested the gorgeous color combination of Flora silk (which is hand-dyed in house) and classic black. I adore the results! 🙂

One of my favorite thing about indie labels (particularly those who make garments to order) is that they’re frequently willing to accommodate customer design changes. It’s really special to be able to (sort of) design my own lingerie. Uye Surana’s Stella and Luna sets are the most similar to my custom one. I ordered the Luna bralette in US 26G and the matching strappy panty in XS.Uye Surana custom Luna

So, the lattice bralette is a plunge/triangle shape and has a cutout center gore. The floral silk strengthens the mesh cups, and it gathers at the bottom of the cup. This bralette has many textures of fabric, and it does frequently show under thin clothing. Beware of that if you’re worried about your bra showing! Personally, I think a bra like this is made to show off. As in their Claire bralette, there’s a curved seam at the bottom of the cup that acts as an underwire. This adds considerable support, and I feel comfortable running errands in this bralette. The black mesh used almost feels like mist against my skin. It’s incredibly soft and delicate (while still being supportive.

Uye Surana Luna angle

So, you can see here that YMMV on whether the silk portion of the cup covers your nipples. It’s not a big deal to me, but it’s possible that you may be able to see nipple outline/texture through this bralette. Fit wise, the lattice bralette is quite similar to the Claire bralette. The cups are quite narrow and projected in this size. For an explanation of Uye Surana’s scaling, check out their comment on my review of the Claire bralette! The cups on my US 26G (UK 28F) are 5 inches (12.7 cm) wide and 8.5 inches (21.6 cm) deep.


Sigh, could this set be any more perfect? It combines so many of my lingerie loves: black, strappy, silk, and one-of-a-kind! I adore the lattice detailing on the bralette, but I will note that the strapping used will dig in on any fleshy bits. It’s not the most plush of strapping. I adjusted the straps to their loosest setting here, and in a perfect world I’d like them to be a tad longer to avoid some digging. This set slays aesthetically. It combines the feminine floral silk to perfection with the bondage inspired strapping.

The Luna Panties are wonderfully low cut on my hips. They give the perfect amount of coverage for me! I feel like overall the set accentuates my curves well. For reference, at the moment my full hip measurement is 35 inches (88.9 cm) and my waist is 22.5 inches (57.2 cm). According to their size guide, this puts my hips at a Small and my waist at an X-Small.


The shape I get from the Luna bralette is pretty nice! The silk on the cups is gathered a bit bulkily at the bottom of the cups, but that’s a very minor quibble. Another minor issue I have with this set (and Uye Surana in general) is that there are quite a few loose threads. You can see on the side that the band/lattice straps on the bra are adjustable to a small degree. This is useful for anyone who needs uneven band tension (or who just needs lots of flexibility in sizing). If you look at the top edge of the cups, you can see that the lace used does not like to sit flat. I may try to iron it at some point, because it is mildly annoying that it refuses to shape to my skin. It’s quite a firm eyelash lace. This bralette has side boning.


I think these are the first panties I’ve reviewed that haven’t been eaten by my butt! Praise the lord, it’s a miracle. They’re quite stretchy overall, and I believe they’d accommodate a variety of body shapes. Yay for stretch mesh! 🙂 I have to say, I honestly love the back of this set as well. It’s so rare to find a set that looks as good from the back as the front, so this is a major win 🙂 Uye Surana never misses with the backs of their bralettes, and this one looks made to showoff under a low-back T-shirt. So much strappy goodness!


Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my custom Lattice bralette and panties, and I’m thrilled to get to own such a one of a kind piece. Uye Surana absolutely dominates supportive bralette construction in my size range, and they’re my top recommendation in that category for those who can afford it. I appreciate the ethical, made-in-USA, environmentally friendly manufacturing they use, and I’ll always love them for accommodating my ridiculous color way request! 🙂 <3

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Uye Surana has made the Luna set available again until 7/26, so don’t miss out! 🙂 Buy it here!

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