Workout Tops for a Full Bust

Workout Tops for a Full Bust

I love to workout, but finding cute workout gear was always a hassle: most of the tops I tried on were too short, hitting just under the belly button. Not a great look. For a long time, I wore old stretched out T-shirts and just dealt with it.

This past year I tried on a few tops at Nordstrom Rack, and discovered the perfect solution: extra long workout tops. With a G cup, I’ve got what I call The Shelf – my boobs take up more of the shirt than usual. A bit more fabric to the shirt and voila: workout top problems solved.

My two favorite brands for extra long tops so far are Nike and Zella, a Nordstrom produced brand. If you look through the Nike tops here, searching for those labeled LONG, you’ll see plenty of choices. Zella’s Blaze TankZ TankZ2 Tee all fit the bill at 25”+ in length from the shoulder (the pink Zella top I’m wearing above is 25″ long). I’m able to find options from both brands at Nordstrom Rack regularly, so I never pay more than $25 or so for a top – it kind of makes up for the price of my sports bras.

Happy sweating!

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